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How To Use Kulthi Dal For Kidney Stone In Hindi

Good Source Of Protein

Best Remedy For Kidney Stone Horse gram | Kulthi Dal \ Kidney Stone

Kulthi dal is a good source of protein that is highly underutilized. It contains all most all the essential amino acids need for general growth and development except tryptophan. Mixing it with rice complement the amino acid profile to each other and become a complete protein. Therefore taking kulthi dal especially in winter is a sustainable dietary choice.

Kulthi Dal Ke Swasthya Fayde:

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Useful For Common Cold Throat Infection And Fever

In Ayurveda, it is considered a hot food. During common cough, cold, fever, chest congestion, etc, kulthi dal soup is recommended. It is believed that the soup will help to clear the congestion, reduce the fever, and will ease the breathing process.

When viruses/ bacteria attack our bodies, then our immune system tries hard to protect us. As a result, we often end up getting a common cough, cold, fever, etc. Scientific research also suggests that the antimicrobial properties and isoflavones of the Kulthi dal soup help to relieve cold, cough, and throat infections.

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Other Benefits Of Using Horse Gram In Hindi

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Kulthi Dal For Urinary Discharge In Hindi

Pin on Health Tips in Hindi

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Horse Gram Or Kulath Ki Daal Has Been Found To Play A Vital Role In Treatment Of Kidney Stones

Interest in the therapeutic effects of natural plant-based remedies is historical and medicinal plants have been valued for millennia and all over the world to prevent and treat ailments especially as they are safe, cost-effective and less painful. Kulath ki daal, or kulthi is one such legume which has been found to play a vital role in the treatment of kidney stone disease.

It is estimated that about 12 per cent of the worlds population experiences renal stones, also called renal calculi. The importance of horse gram was well recognised by the folk medicine as a potential therapeutic agent to treat kidney stones, urinary diseases, piles, common cold, throat infection, fever, lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels etc. Horse gram water was prescribed for treating jaundice.

Horse gram, native to the old world tropical regions and has been cultivated in India since prehistoric times. Nowadays, horse gram is cultivated in southern Asia, mainly from India to Myanmar, for the poor. It is also grown and used as a forage and green manure in many tropical countries, especially Africa. In India, it is the most extensively grown pulse in Uttarakhand and south India, especially Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Rich in protein, iron, calcium and polyphenols and consumed by the poorest section of the society, this popular indigenous pulse needs to be recognised and explored further as a source of nutrition and nutra-ceuticals compounds.

Kulthi Dal For Weight Loss In Hindi


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Its Helpful To Control Diabetes

Once we eat some food, the carbohydrate of the food gets digested and form glucose. Then this glucose should get into your cells and produce energy. However, in the case of diabetic patients, the glucose formed does not get absorbed by the cells.

Generally, insulin helps to absorb the glucose in the cells. In diabetes, cells often do not respond to insulin and the glucose level remains high in the bloodstream.

Myricetin, a polyphenol, present in Kulthi dal exhibit the antihyperglycaemic effect. Its an antioxidant that helps to keep the blood glucose level under control. It also reduces the insulin resistance of the body.

How To Use Kulthi Dal/kulit Dal For Urinary Stones

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Get Horse gram from market, clean it properly under the running water and follow the steps given below-

  • Take 25 gm of horse gram and boil it in 200 gm of water.
  • Boil till it gets soft and water reduces to 50 gm.
  • Take this dosage as twice a day, as soup.
  • You can add little rock salt and few drops of lemon in it, for a better taste.

Doing this for 7 days, is very effective for urinary stones. Make sure before you start the treatment, go for a scan and checkout the current severity of stones. Again go for the scan after 15-20 days. You will notice the results yourselves.

Horse gram will dissolve the stones, which will get easily passed out from urine passage.

This was a traditional, effective and homemade remedy for urinary stones. With this treatment, you can even continue your allopathic medicines as it does no harm in such cases. Give it a tr and share your experiences with us.

Hope you like the article, share this to all so that it may save some lives. Take care and live well!

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How To Use Kulthi To Treat Kidney Stone

As a home remedy, you can use Kulthi for stones treatment. Scientific studies has confirmed its diuretic and anti-urolithiasis properties due to the presence of many phytochemicals such as phenolic compounds, flavnoids, steroids and Saponin.

You can buy Kulthi from market. Before using it, remove all the impurities and wash it very well under running water. Daily intake of kulthi dal breaks the stones and expels them from the body. You can prepare Kulthi dal like any other dal.

How to prepare Kulthi Daal Soup?

This can be prepared by boiling 25 grams dal in a 200 ml water.

This should be boiled till water reduces to 50 ml.

Filter it and drink hot, twice a day.

Kulthi decoction should be taken twice a day.

Interaction With Other Drugs:

If taken in large quantities, kulthi dal may have an adverse effect when used as a medication. Also, unsupervised and unmonitored kulthi dal consumption by people with health conditions may complicate or worsen some conditions.

Kulthi dal may assist medications for diabetes in lowering blood sugar, but if taken in very high doses, blood sugar levels may go very low. One should take proper medical advice if they are interested in taking kulthi dal.6

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Kulthi Dal Benefits For Women In Hindi


How To Use Horse Gram In Hindi

Dal kulthi / Kulthi Dal / Horse Gram / Macrotyloma Uniflorum 100 GM


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Kulthi Ki Dal Ke Nuksan In Hindi

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Nutritional Value Of Kulthi Dal:

Horse gram is a high-protein food . Carbohydrates , fats , vitamins, minerals , and a considerable amount of soluble fibres are all found in its seeds.

These tiny seeds are high in various minerals and micronutrients that may have potential benefit our health in multiple ways. It contains the following nutrients per 100 grams:


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Side Effects Of Horse Gram In Hindi


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Keeps Heart Disease At Bay

Ulavacharu/ Horsegram Rasam/ Kulthi dal/ Remedy for Kidney stones, Diabatis & Obesity/ Spice Food

According to established medical science, oxidative damage caused by free radicals plays a causative role in ageing and leads to diseases including several heart diseases. However, the human body is capable of minimizing this damage with the right nutrients and antioxidants. Raw horse gram is particularly rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and proteins, the major antioxidants. It is also low in fat and high in carbohydrate content, making it healthier for the heart.

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Horse Gram And Skin Care In Hindi


How To Use Kulthi Daal For Kidney Stone

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Kulthi Dal Benefits Treat Boils In Hindi


How To Make Gahat Ka Shorba At Home


Making this amazing soup from the mountains is unbelievable easy! You simply need to saute onion and tomato with spices such as cumin, coriander seed, ginger, garlic and asafetida. Slow cook this with gahat dal till mushy, strain and serve. That’s all, quick and easy!

Find the full recipe of gahat ka shorba here.

You can serve this as is or pair with rice as well.

Try gahat ka shorba recipe at home to manage kidney stones and weight loss, and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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