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Is Alkaline Water Good For Chronic Kidney Disease

Your Body Does It Better Anyway

Is Alkaline Water Good For Chronic Kidney Disease? Alkaline Water & Kidney Disease

Unless you have certain conditions such as kidney or respiratory disease, your body maintains a healthy pH balance on its own.

Our bodies are amazing machines, she says. If theres an imbalance there are many ways your body can correct it. If your blood becomes too acidic for example, you breathe out more carbon dioxide to bring the levels down.

In addition, once alkaline water hits your stomach the gastric juices will neutralize it another example of natural balancing. Not only does this make any resulting benefits from alkaline water unlikely skewing your bodys pH balance too far on the alkaline side can do damage over time particularly by throwing off the digestive process.

Hydration is crucial for health, of course. But because credible research backing the benefits of alkaline waters claim as being more hydrating is lacking, Czerwony recommends sticking with plain water.

Water is great, she says. Just dont fancify it. Your body is perfectly capable of doing what it needs to adjust your pH levels so you dont need to buy into these unproven claims.

Juice Detoxes & Cleanses

Although a small glass of juice can be a part of a kidney friendly diet, juice should never be used in place of an entire meal. Or even worse in place of food for an entire day or more.

Unfortunately, many juice detox and cleanse regimens claim to be good for you. Even worse, many claim to be good for your kidneys. No detox or cleanse will help your kidneys. In fact, many of these detox regimens can hurt your kidneys. I recommend avoiding these quick fixes at all costs.

And Of Course This Could Go Much Much Further

The alkaline diet is connected with the prevention and improvement of dozens of conditions. And of course, thats

In the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, the researchers, Dorothy Zeviar, Michael Gonzalez et al state in their 2014 paper The Role of Mitochondria in Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases:

The evidence appears to be strong that an alkaline diet high in antioxidants would help prevent chronic degenerative disease and cancer, and lead to a better quality of life.

And it is certainly getting more and more commonplace for the alkaline diet to be cited as a huge contributor to the prevention and control of many chronic diseases.

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Alkaline Diet For Kidney Disease The Solution That Heals Kidneys

With the alkaline diet for kidney disease, it is entirely possible to heal your kidneys, contrary to what you might have been told. When you get your diagnosis, youll also get a laundry list of foods to avoid. What you often wont be told is what to eat to heal your chronic kidney disease

Hippocrates once said: Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. The Alkaline Diet is the solution for chronic kidney disease.

As the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates knew that food was a powerful tool in the fight against disease. Todays medical system seems to have forgotten this fundamental wisdom, with nutrition relegated to an afterthought in the treatment of most illnesses.

Do you want to see the data on how the Alkaline Diet can improve your kidneys? Click below the video to read the text. Here is the answer.

The science behind the alkaline diet

Before we explain what the alkaline diet is, lets discuss pH. Every single process in your body depends on chemical reactions, which take place in liquid solutions like the blood. The pH of these solutions refers to how acidic or alkaline they are, with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline.

Your body operates within a very narrow window somewhere in the middle, between around 7.35 and 7.45. Even the tiniest shift outside of this range can disrupt your vital biochemical processes and cause cell and tissue damage.

What is the alkaline diet?

· Diabetes

Provides A Source Of Calcium

Hydration and Chronic Kidney Disease

It is called mineral water for a reason. It typically includes mineral-nutrients like calcium.

The exact amount of calcium will vary from brand to brand. However, there are some mineral rich water brands that contain as much as 348 milligrams of calcium per liter.

That might not sound like a lot but it represents 44% of the recommended daily calcium intake based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet.

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Kidney Disease Treatment With Alkaline Water

According to the US National Kidney Foundation, 1 in 9 Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease. Scientific studies show that at least 75% of Americans are dehydrated enough that it affects their health in a negative way, so for those 1 in 9, it has developed into kidney disease. In my article The Kidneys And Alkaline, Ionized Water, I explain what the kidneys do in the body and how dependent they are on water for their efficient and normal function. So now what happens if you have reduced kidney function because of chronic dehydration and acidosis?

According to scientific studies, there are several causes of kidney disease, some of them are supposed to be genetic. Scientific evidence shows that 35 per cent of what goes on in the body is genetic, the other 65 per cent we can control with lifestyle, so I dont know how much of an excuse we can give to genetics. Congenital defects are another matter and are those that happen in the womb, due to acidic lifestyle and diet of mom, in addition to inadequate water intake. One of the other causes of kidney disease is called Polycystic Disease. This is where cysts form in the kidneys and grow, damaging delicate tissues. It, too is caused by an acidic lifestyle and diet and inadequate hydration.

Check with your medical professional about how much fluid you should be taking and if you have to reduce your potassium intake and then to our health team at Cerra Water. Any stress you can reduce on your kidneys is worthwhile.

The Chance To Turn It All Around

Get those gut bacteria healthy and everything that was going wrong including serious kidney illness starts going right again.

But what causes our guts to become unhealthy?

Theres no doubt at all about the causes: its our lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle simply refers to the usual suspects: stress, sleep, fitness and diet.

Which, at first sight, all seems pretty bland and dull. Weve heard all this before.

But now its very different. Because now scientists understand the direct link between what we do and how we get disease.

Poor lifestyle habits slowly ruin our gut health. They decimate good bacteria allowing bad bacteria to thrive and expand their deadly effects.

Our gut environment becomes less helpful to us and steadily more deadly.

Which makes it inevitable that, in time, we will end up either very ill or fatally ill.

The damage that bad habits do to our gut bacteria is almost the entire reason we are tired, ill, overweight, suffer low moods and struggle as we get older.

We say its age that causes disease. Thats absolute nonsense.

Its the slow and steady neglect of our gut health that causes disease. We do it to ourselves. We dont mean to. But its what we do.

Poor lifestyle habits are the primary reason we contract western societys worst diseases heart, blood, liver, kidney

Our basic lifestyle habits directly and dramatically determine whether well be ill at all.

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How Meal Plans Work

The Kidney Kitchen Pro meal plan features makes it easy to collect and share a week-long meal plan featuring Kidney Kitchen recipes and other kidney-friendly foods. You can customize the meal plans based on a patients eating habits, preferences and any restrictions. You can even include both shared notes that are visible on the meal plan or private notes that only you have the ability to access. The meal plans you create can be saved, shared via email and printed.

Is The Program Safe

Is Alkaline water good for Kidney Patients?

The program only includes therapies that are 100% organic. It has all the essentials that will help you lead healthy lives. They also approach illness holistically. The guides they provide you with help you keep a healthy and balanced diet while at the same time it helps you keep a clear mind and a well exercised body.

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Is The Alkaline Diet Beneficial

Proponents of the alkaline diet claim it can help prevent many maladies by increasing body pH. It’s based on the premise that eating acidic foods raises body acidity, which leads to health problems.

The eating plan includes many healthful foods. It promotes a focus on the plant-based foods nuts, beans, fruits and vegetables, which are considered alkaline, says the International Food Information Council Foundation.

The alkaline diet also advocates limiting the intake of meat, eggs, cheese and other dairy foods, which are considered acidic. Because these foods are part of a healthy balanced diet, they shouldn’t be excluded.

Although it’s true that certain foods produce acidic compounds and others produce alkaline compounds during digestion, they don’t affect blood pH. In contrast, some foods change the pH of the urine slightly. The International Food Information Council Foundation notes that only people with chronic kidney disease might benefit from the small increases in alkalinity associated with the alkaline diet.

Despite alkaline foods not changing body pH, they are extremely nutritious. They should be eaten because they’re important in a healthy diet rather than for their alkaline effect.

Bonus #3 Free Lifetime Updates

The creators regularly make improvements to the program according to the most recent research or medical advancements. When you purchase the program, youll be able to access all future updates and improvements for free. Customers who purchase the program will get first access to the most recent innovations.

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How Is Alkaline Water Prepared

The nature of water, whether acidic or alkaline, is rated on a scale of 0 to 14. Numbers below seven indicate acidic nature, whereas those above seven are considered alkaline. The higher the number, the higher the alkaline level of water.

Water that flows over rocks and comes from springs is naturally alkaline because it picks up minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and silicates, on its way.

Most of the commercial preparations of alkaline water contain water that has been ionized through a chemical process called electrolysis. Manufacturers claim that they use a machine known as an ionizer to increase the pH of the water to between 8 and 9. During this process, acidic and alkaline molecules are separated, with only the latter molecules preserved.

Sometimes, nutrients may be added to water to increase its pH level, such as adding baking soda.

The Effect Of Acidity On The Kidneys

Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water? Is Alkaline Good For Cats With Chronic ...

Not only are the kidneys one of the primary organs responsible for maintaining optimal pH of the body but their functioning is highly dependent the bodys acid: alkaline balance.

Metabolic acidosis is associated with a faster decline in kidney function and the degree of metabolic acidosis is directly associated with glomerular filtration rate . What this means is that the more acidic your body is, the worse your kidney function is likely to be and the lower your GFR.

This ends up being a bit of a vicious cycle because:

higher acidity = reduced kidney function = reduced ability to excrete acids = higher acidity

I could keep going here!

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The Kidney Disease Solution Ebook

Its the main section of the program which has 114 pages split into thirteen chapters. Its a complete step-by-step guide to the entire program. It includes all the details you need to change your life style and healing your kidneys. The remedies found in the book are supported by the latest research and research that is written in an easy to understand language.

Join The Nkf Patient Network

Here are 6 tips to make sure youre drinking enough water and to keep your kidneys healthy:

  • Eight is great, but not set in stone. There is no hard and fast rule that everyone needs 8 glasses of water a day. This is just a general recommendation based on the fact that we continually lose water from our bodies, and that we need adequate water intake to survive and optimal amounts to thrive. The Institute of Medicine has estimated that men need approximately 13 cups of fluid daily, and that women need approximately 9 cups of fluid daily.
  • Less is more if you have kidney failure . When the kidneys fail, people dont excrete enough water, if any at all. For those who are receiving dialysis treatment, water must actually be greatly restricted.
  • Its possible to drink too much water. Though it is not very common for this to happen in the average person, endurance athletes like marathoners may drink large amounts of water and thereby dilute the sodium level in their blood, resulting in a dangerous condition called hyponatremia.
  • Your urine can reveal a lot. For the average person, water wise means drinking enough water or other healthy fluids, such as unsweetened juice or low fat milk to quench thirst and to keep your urine light yellow or colorless. When your urine is dark yellow, this indicates that you are dehydrated. You should be making about 1.5 liters of urine daily .
  • Remember.when water wise, healthy kidneys are the prize!

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    Discover The Farxiga Difference

    What the FDA is saying

    The Food and Drug Administration granted FARXIGA its Breakthrough Therapy Designation for its review in chronic kidney disease. That means it may provide substantial improvement over treatments that are currently available for the treatment of CKD.

    What this may mean for you

    With FARXIGA, you could keep living life by reducing the serious risks of CKD, including death due to cardiovascular disease. This is true whether or not you have type 2 diabetes.




    How Does This Work

    Can Cats Drink Alkaline Water? Is Alkaline Good For Cats With Chronic Kidney Disease?

    There are different diet programs and therapies available, but it doesnt mean you have to follow each one. The Kidney Disease Solution approaches each treatment holistically. Individuals will need to treat their condition based on their kidney disease situation. It will also depend on their specific requirements.

    For instance, those who have hypertension, kidney stones, or diabetes might have to experience different therapies and diet plans.

    There are an array of specific organic remedies that you will need to take daily to care for your condition. They have even included a cookbook for you to follow. Your diet significantly affects your problem. You need specific recipes to properly support your body to function healthily.

    All the treatments they have included are based on the latest developments from several research and studies. These studies on kidney health and kidney therapy are conducted globally.

    Through their holistic approach, they encourage you to do meditation yoga and exercises. The guided meditations can be found in audio format.

    They also offer audio variants of guided meditation exercises for managing anxiety and improving your sleep quality.

    If youre new to yoga, you are able to follow their movie of morning yoga flow exercises. Antonella Milo, a world-renowned yogini, instructs it. This is programmed to energize you throughout the day. Is Alkaline Water Good For Chronic Kidney Disease

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    How Alkaline Water Became A Thing

    Heres how companies are selling the concept.

    Alkaline water is commonly produced by an ionizer, a device that changes the chemical composition of water. The idea is that an ionizer changes the pH level of water. This makes the water more alkaline and less acidic.

    Marketers claim this offers numerous health benefits like improved digestion, slowing down the aging process, boosting the bodys mineral content and preventing bone loss. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has denied the use of claiming any health benefits of alkaline water relating to bone health, for example because of insufficient evidence.

    They also claim alkaline water works as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage that leads to disease.

    But such claims have not been properly tested in controlled scientific studies, Czerwony says. And whats worse some run counter to what science tells us about the body.

    Whats The Kidney Disease Solution

    Is Alkaline Water Good For Chronic Kidney Disease

    The Kidney Disease Solution is an all-in-one three-phase program designed to help individuals reverse kidney damage and enhance their kidney function while soothing the pain from the symptoms. Its made to protect you from adding damage to your kidneys so you can avoid transplant and dialysis.

    It focuses on using safe and natural remedies to tackle chronic kidney disease without going through extreme measures.

    The program includes a collection of cookbooks and other ebooks that have specific instructions regarding condition assessment, test result interpretation, as well as a guide on the best way best to structure a treatment and diet plan that fits with your situation.

    It also includes audiobooks for meditation and a few videos so you can handle your kidney disease with a more holistic approach. This can be helpful with your healing, and it also helps you to practice mindfulness.

    A few elements from traditional eastern medicine was incorporated with the latest findings in naturopathic science for the treatments.

    If you avail their program, they also include a free lifetime program update, which is the best part about this whole program. Members will discover new information and solutions to assist them with their treatment. There is also lifetime email support to help members with questions.

    They make sure youll get information throughout and after the program to achieve the best health for your kidneys.

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