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How To Donate Kidney And Get Money In India

How Do I Pledge To Become A Donor


Either in the case of brain death, or when an individual suffers a cardiac arrest, individuals may share the gift of life with others through solid organ and tissue donation.

You may pledge to donate your organs by signing and carrying a Donor Card. These cards are available with our transplant coordinators on 2nd floor, Transplant Coordination Unit. It is also important to tell your family that you want to be a donor. Even if there is documentation that a person was a designated donor, the consent of the family is essential for the organs or tissues to be donated. Hospitals seek consent from the next of kin before taking any action.

If you are not an adult , then your parents consent is required for organ donation. So if you want to become a donor, its important to tell them that you wish to donate. Children too are in need of organ transplants, and they usually need organs smaller than those an adult can provide.

Cadaver Donations In Mumbai:

  • 32 hospitals are ZTCC Members & out of that 10-12 hospitals are active in identifying cadavers
  • In 2013: 20 Cadavers were identified .12 hospitals contributed to donations
  • In 2012: 26 Cadavers were identified . 9 hospitals contributed to donations
  • In 2011: 9 Cadavers were identified
  • One deceased donor can save up to eight lives through organ donation and can save and enhance more than 100 lives through the lifesaving and healing gift of tissue donation.


Desperate Need For Money Lack Of Adequate Organs Lead To Mushrooming Of Cyber Forums For Illegal Sales Agents Involved Claim To Facilitate Transplants At Various Hospitals For Hefty Prices

Its not just books, clothes and electronic gadgets that are up for sale online kidneys too, are available.

Google kidneys for sale and a host of websites offering the organ pop up. On social networking forums and private sites with message boards, there are hundreds of people interested in selling and buying kidneys.

Though selling of human organs is illegal in the country, the demand for kidneys is such that despite measures to curb sales, open online forums are thriving. For people waiting for a kidney transplant 2,811 in Tamil Nadu alone these websites are a shortcut to getting a donor, a process that could take years legally. And since those offering their kidneys are usually desperate for money, if the price is right they are more than willing to sell quickly.

Numbers provided

Message boards online are full of details including names, ages, blood groups, email addresses, health statuses, and in a few cases, even phone numbers. Some are willing to travel to any part of the country to make the sale.

Take Rahul for instance, who is from Rajasthan. He has posted a message on a social networking site, saying he is ready to sell one of his kidneys. Rahul is 27, his blood group is A positive and anybody interested, can contact him over the phone. His price: Rs. 30 lakh, of which Rs. 2 lakh needs to be paid immediately to an agent for paperwork. Rs. 8 lakh would go towards hospital costs and he would get to keep the remaining Rs. 20 lakh.

Send medical reports

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What Follow Up Care To Be Taken Post Kidney Transplantation

A successful kidney transplant requires close follow-up with your doctor and you must always take your medicine as directed. The period immediately following your transplant may be very stressful. Following are some of the important safety measures after your kidney transplantation surgery:

  • Before leaving the hospital, patient will be given instructions about anti-rejection medication and its doses
  • Patient will be taught about measuring blood pressure, temperature, and urine output at home.
  • In the first few weeks after leaving the hospital, the transplant team will review the patient, perform blood tests, and adjust medication doses.
  • You must keep follow-up appointments with your transplant team to monitor for signs of rejection.
  • In the follow up appointments, the transplant team will conduct regular blood and urine tests to detect any signs of organ failure. One or more ultrasounds of the graft kidney may be done to see if there are structural abnormalities suggesting rejection.
  • An arteriogram or nuclear medicine scan may be needed to confirm that blood is flowing to the transplanted kidney.

Who Can Donate Organs

Kidney Donation In India For Money 2019

Organ donations are not constrained by age limit. All adults and minors with consent of parents or legal guardians, regardless of age, race or gender can pledge to become an organ donor. Those suffering from life threatening diseases are not eligible organ donors and cannot take the pledge. The decision to pledge their organs must be made by a person in state of sound body and mind

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Did You Know In India Every Year Nearly:

  • 500,000 people die because of non-availability of organs.
  • 200,000 people die of liver disease.
  • 50,000 people die from heart disease.
  • 150,000 people await a kidney transplant but only 5,000 get one.
  • 1,000,000 lakh people suffer from corneal blindness and await transplant.

Nationally, with a population of 1.2 billion people, the statistic stands at 0.08 persons as organ donors per million population . This is an incredibly small and insignificant number compared to the statistics around the world.

Countries like the USA, UK, Germany, Nether lands have a ‘family consent’ system for donations where people sign up as donors, and their family’s consent is required. . Other countries like Singapore, Belgium, Spain have a more aggressive approach of ‘presumed consent’, which permits organ donation by default unless the donor has explicitly opposed it during his lifetime. These countries have seen the rate of donations double, averaging between 20-40 PMP.

We understand it is difficult to think about organ donation when you have just lost a loved one however organ donation is a generous and worthwhile decision that can save many lives. By donating, each person can save the lives of up to 7 individuals by way of organ donation and enhance the lives of over 50 people by way of tissue donation.

How To Donate Your Kidney

This article was medically reviewed by . Dr. Ziats is an Internal Medicine Physician, Researcher, and Entrepreneur in biotechnology. He received his PhD in Genetics from the University of Cambridge in 2014, and completed his MD shortly thereafter, at Baylor College of Medicine in 2015.There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 36,808 times.

Whether you want to donate a kidney to someone you love or you just want to be a good samaritan, theres a lot you need to know. Donating a kidney can save someone elses life, but it is not without its risks. First, you need to do thorough research to make sure you really want to donate your kidney. Then you must endure a series of medical tests to find out if you are an eligible donor. If you pass all the tests, youre ready to start talking to your doctor about surgery.

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Who Can Be Donor

All of us can be organ donors, irrespective of age, caste, religion, community, current or past medical condition. Children can also be organ donors after taking consent for organ donation from their parents.

However active cancer, active HIV, active infection or Intravenous drug use are some of the contra-indications. Patients who have Hepatitis C may still donate organs to a patient who also has Hepatitis C. The same is true for Hepatitis B but this happens in very rare cases. Most cancer patients may donate corneas.

Kidney Transplant Financial Assistance

In Iran, Kidney Donors Get Paid

However, there is still some hope. You may have heard about the American Kidney Fund from your friends or perhaps your medical technicians. This is a national non-profit organization that has helped countless people ever since it was founded back in 1971. The mission is simple: helping the patients in need with direct financial aid and provides health education for the community and do kidney disease prevention assistance.

It is important to note that this organization does not accept direct application from the patient. Instead, a social worker from your dialysis center should apply in your stead. He or she will then verify your financial aspects. This way, the organization ensure that their help really reach those who are in desperate need for help.

Below are some of the American Kidney Funds programs that support kidney transplant process:

Pediatric Summer Enrichment provides emergency financial aid that should be used for paying the camp cost for the children who had their kidney replaced and those who are on dialysis. By doing so, these children can still enjoy the camps and yet still safe because there are facilities and personnel nearby.

Other sources of kidney transplant financial assistance may be available from the American Organ Transplant Association, National Transplant Assistance Fund, and National Foundation for Transplants, Inc.


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Kidney Transplant Surgery Cost Comparisons: India Vs Other Countries

The list of TOP 15 countries from where the Kidney Transplant Surgery patients travelling to India is given below. The major reason of large number of patients travelling to India for Kidney Transplant Surgery from these countries is because of availability of best kidney transplant hospitals in India, affordable prices strategic connectivity, food, tourism options, zero language barrier and many other reasons.

How Much Would You Pay For A Kidney

Offering right incentives can help design a more effective and ethical organ market in India

Rs. 8 lakhs ?– ?That’s the price a young squash player put on his kidney this week. The offer to sell an organ to fund his training wasn’t a serious one it was more a frustrated plea to highlight his financial constraints. But the episode brought into focus the state of the organ market in India.

Exact statistics are hard to come by, but it is estimated that around 200,000 people need a kidney transplant every year, of which only 7,000 are lucky to receive one. Since 1994 it has been illegal to sell organs the law only allows donations from deceased persons or a set of living donors. Not surprisingly, implementation of the law has been a failure. Every few years, there’s a scandal where vulnerable people are knowingly or unknowingly used as organ donors for patients who pay large sums to shady doctors.

No amount of enforcement will ever fix this issue â there just aren’t enough donors to match the number of people who need a kidney. Seen from an economist’s lens, the kidney market is one where there is a huge mismatch between supply and demand. The official price of the kidney is zero, but its value to a patient is much, much higher. In the absence of any “market clearing” price, the transaction moves to the grey market.

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Patient Testimonial Kidney Transplant Surgery Done In India For Ms Rose Nodumo From Botswana

Ms. Rose Nodumo from Botswana

Low cost kidney transplant in India with the kidney reaching the last stage of illness has become a trademark for both domestic and international patients. More and more number of patients are seeking a flawless treatment for kidney failures and looking for perfect kidney transplant. With Forerunners Healthcare providing innovative medical technologies with the highest quality of services in the top most hospitals of India, many patients have survived the transplant and are living a life full of health. And so do me, even after 5 years of the surgery. Thanks Forerunner.

Attractive To The Poor

Kidney Donation For Money In Coimbatore

While there are many layers of control to prevent exploitation, the fact that there are a negligible number of organ donations makes finding a matching donor for the patients a tough task, notes the Mohan Foundation. Under the law, only those related to the patient are allowed to donate organs. This further reduces the number of prospective organ donors.

In 2013, the medical journal, Indian Journal of Anesthesia, stated that of the 205 patients declared brain-dead at AIIMS in Delhi in the trauma centre over the last five years, only 10 were potential organ donors. The reasons were varied. There was lack of awareness about organ donation among family members. Many believed that donating a persons organs after death would affect the person in his or her next life. And processes were simply not in place to help such donations.

Indian organs are being sold thanks to advertising by word of mouth. We are dealing with an underground mafia of organ traders. In this case, the gang managed to create fake identities. And with the help of medical persons, they managed to manipulate medical tests and documents, says a senior official from the Uttar Pradesh police who is involved in inter-State investigation.

Sonu and Vardhan were admitted in the same hospital at the same time for kidney removal. Like Vardhan, Sonu too was cheated by middlemen, who only gave him a portion of the promised sum of 2 lakh.

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How Does Organ Donation Help Families Of Deceased Donors To Cope With Their Loss

The act of organ donation has the ability to comfort grieving families. It is always difficult to lose a loved one. Many grieving families of organ donors draw comfort from the fact that their loss may help to save or improve the lives of others. Studies carried out to understand how a family’s wounds heal have shown that the support from family members helps a person to overcome grief. The support of friends and religious and cultural beliefs also help donor families. Most of the donor families agreed to donate organs because they felt that it was the only positive outcome from their loss.

Kidney Sale Tourism And Body Organ Harvesting In India

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Other Body Parts You Can Legally Sell

While you cant legally sell your kidney there are plenty of body parts you are able to sell if you need the extra cash. Here are 10 of the best ways to make money selling things other than your kidney:

  • Blood: You cant legally get paid to donate blood, however, some blood donation centers will offer incentives . You can earn up to $120 in gift cards this way.
  • Plasma: Unlike blood, donation centers are allowed to offer cash for plasma. If you are a frequent plasma donor you can make up to $400 per month.
  • Bone Marrow: Bone marrow is one of the more painful things to donate but you can make a substantial amount of cash from it. Donors in certain states can make up to $3,000 per donation.
  • Sperm: You can earn up to $1,000 per month donating sperm. Depending on the center you are donating to, there may be some minimum and maximum requirements. Youll want to check with your local sperm bank.
  • Eggs: Just like men can donate sperm, women can also donate eggs. It is just a bit more involved. Generally you have to receive fertility shots and undergo a number of tests but it is worth the cash. You can make up to $8,000 per egg donation cycle.
  • Womb: You cant sell your womb but you can sell its services. Surrogate mothers can make up to $45,000 a year holding someone elses child in their womb.
  • There are some pretty odd ways to make money. While the answer is no to can you sell your kidney, there are plenty of other ways to make money with your body legally.

    The Transplant Clinicians Interpretation

    How To Sell Kidney In black market For Cash | How To Donate Kidney | Reality guru

    The clinicians wonder if the law itself provides a clause to help people whose own family members refuse to donate or those who do not have a fit or matching donor, why should they refuse any arrangement between the donor and recipient? To them the plight of the recipient overrules all objections. They also argue that it is difficult for them to understand the so-called true affection. They feel the onus of responsibility to find true affection and relationships rests under the purview of the government AC.

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    What Is Kidney Transplantation

    Kidney transplant is performed in patient with end-stage kidney disease. End-stage kidney failure is caused by diabetes, chronic Blood Pressure and Chronic Glomerulonephritis. Kidney transplantation is also known as Renal Transplantation. A kidney removes excess fluid and waste from your blood and when kidneys lose their filtering ability, dangerous levels of fluid and waste accumulates in your body a condition known as kidney failure. A kidney transplant is remains the only option in such situations. Kidney transplants are one of the most common transplant operations. Only one donated kidney is needed to replace two failed kidneys.


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