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How To Help Kidney Pain

Nsaids Are Bad For Your Blood Pressure

Kidney & Bladder Health : How to Relieve Bladder Pain

NSAIDs can cause high blood pressure. And if you have high blood pressure, they can make it worse. This increases your chances of having a heart attack or a stroke.

NSAIDs can also keep some blood pressure drugs from working right. NSAIDs can interfere with:

  • Diuretics, or water pills, such as Hydrodiuril . Diuretics remove excess water from the blood vessels.
  • ACE inhibitors, such as Prinivil and Zestril . ACE inhibitors are drugs that relax the blood vessels.
  • ARBs such as Cozaar . ARBs are another group of drugs that relax the blood vessels.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Theres no magic behind the cliché advice to drink eight glasses of water a day, but its a good goal precisely because it encourages you to stay hydrated. Regular, consistent water intake is healthy for your kidneys.

Water helps clear sodium and toxins from your kidneys. It also lowers your risk of chronic kidney disease.

Aim for at least 1.5 to 2 liters in a day. Exactly how much water you need depends largely on your health and lifestyle. Factors like climate, exercise, gender, overall health, and whether or not youre pregnant or breastfeeding are important to consider when planning your daily water intake.

People who have previously had kidney stones should drink a bit more water to help prevent stone deposits in the future.

Natural Remedies For Kidney Pain Relief

  • Lots of water: Staying well hydrated can prevent the formation of kidney stones and help flush out bacteria that could contribute to a UTI.
  • Fresh lemon juice: Acid found in citrus fruits like lemons helps break up and dissolve kidney stones. For best results, use fresh lemon instead of lemon-flavored beverages. Begin drinking lemon water as soon as you wake up and continue throughout the day. You can also mix olive oil with lemon juice for added benefits.
  • Dandelion tea: Dandelion tea works as a diuretic, which means more urine will be released to help flush out toxins. Dandelion tea also stimulates circulation, which keeps the kidneys healthy.
  • Watermelon seed tea: Watermelon seed tea also works as a diuretic to help flush out toxins, and it can help stimulate the kidneys to function better.
  • Celery seeds tea: Celery helps promote the elimination of waste. Some studies have shown it increases urine output, too. Plus, celerys antifungal properties can help fight off bacteria.
  • Corn silk tea: Corn silk tea works to reduce pain while passing urine and can help promote healing from infection.
  • Parsley tea: A proven diuretic, not only can parsley be consumed as a juice or tea, but it can be used topically, applied as a paste to the painful area for pain relief.
  • Marshmallow root is a diuretic that greatly helps in reducing pain while urinating. It coats the lining of the urinary tract, projecting it from damage.
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    Scanty Or Cloudy Urine Indicates Infection

    Due to the inconveniences imposed on us by modern life when we are outdoors most of the day, but may not have access to hygienic washrooms, people, especially women, try to withhold urine for long hours. This ensures that they might not realize when their urinary output becomes scant, cloudy, or even smelly. Infection might set in because an individual had to use a less than hygienic washroom.;

    How To Relieve Kidney Pain

    Find How To Help Kidney Pain You Should Know

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    Research suggests that if you experience pain in your back between your ribs and your buttocks, or even down your sides into your groin area, you may be having kidney pain.XResearch source Although back pain is not always caused by your kidneys, you should talk to your doctor to make sure you don’t have any serious medical conditions. Experts note that treating your kidney pain will depend on its cause, and your doctor can make the best recommendations for your situation.XResearch source

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    Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Kidney Pain

    March 28, 2017 By Sruthika

    Kidneys are one of the important organs in the body that are responsible for the function of excretion. They maintain a proper balance of acid base and electrolytes levels, regulates blood pressure and flush out the toxins from the body.

    Due to certain eating habits or other body infections, they may be some malfunctioning of kidneys, which in turn cause terrible and unbearable kidney pain.

    Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen, fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, burning sensation or bleeding while urinating, chills, etc. are some symptoms of kidney pain.

    Urinary tract infection, kidney stone, tumor in kidney, bleeding inside the kidney, enlarged prostate, blood coagulation in kidney veins, blocked flow of urine, etc. are some causes for kidney pain.

    So, if you get any sudden or severe back pain in between the lowest rib and the buttock, then you are suffering from kidney pain. Consult your doctor for proper diagnose and treatment.

    There are some natural home remedies that are used as an adjunct treatment for curing your kidney pain. Lets get started.

    Are Kidney Infections Serious What Is The Prognosis

    Generally, urinary tract and kidney infections are common conditions with an overall favorable outlook.

    • A kidney infection can be managed at home if the infection is diagnosed and treated early with antibiotics.
    • Severe or complicated infections may require more intensive treatment and possible hospitalization.
    • Personal hygiene is important in the prevention of recurring kidney infections.
    • Cranberry juice is a simple natural remedy to prevent recurring kidney infections.

    Rarely, serious complications from a kidney infection occur.

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    What Are The Symptoms

    In the early stages of IgA nephropathy, the main symptom is blood in the urine. In medical terms, this is called hematuria. Symptoms usually start between the ages of 15 and 35, but they may go unnoticed for years because the amount of blood in the urine is very small.

    If the disease progresses and starts to impair the function of your kidneys, you may also experience:

    • brown or tea-colored urine

    Renal Tumors Or Cysts

    Kidney & Bladder Health : How to Improve Kidney Function

    Renal tumors or cysts do not typically cause pain unless the growth is advanced or the disbursement is extensive. The three most common growth abnormalities include:

    • Renal adenoma: A type of benign tumor that can grow to a substantial size
    • Renal cell carcinoma : A type of cancer that usually begins in the tubules of the kidneys
    • Polycystic kidney disease : An inherited disorder in which benign, fluid-filled cysts proliferate throughout the kidneys

    The pain would most often be unilateral and accompanied by hematuria, either visible or invisible .

    If cancer is involved, persistent malaise and unexplained weight loss are telltale signs suggestive of an advanced malignancy.

    PKD may also be symptom-free until such time as the formation of cysts causes structural damage to the kidney. In addition to flank pain, usually bilateral, PKD may cause progressively worsening symptoms, including headaches, high blood pressure, hematuria, abdominal pain and swelling, recurrent kidney stones, recurrent UTIs, and renal failure.

    As opposed to many of the other renal conditions, PKD is associated with excessive urination rather than impaired urination. The most common form of PKD, known as autosomal dominant PKD, manifests with symptoms when patients are in their 30s and 40s. Around 10% will advance to renal failure.

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    What Are Common Causes Of Kidney Pain

    There are many common causes of kidney pain. They are:

    • Hemorrhage In The Kidneys

    When the blood is released from the vessel wall in the kidney due to damage to blood vessels, hemorrhage will occur. It leads to the pain in the kidney.

    • Kidney Stones

    This is a common cause of serious kidney pain in the lower back and abdomen. When the kidneys are impaired, wastes such as uric acid or excess calcium, which is not removed from the body, accumulate in the body and then forming stones. These stones are trapped in the ureter, blocking the flow of urine, and causing swelling of the kidneys and severe kidney failure. The process of the formation of kidney stones has no obvious symptoms. Therefore, patients often do not think that they have kidney stones. It is only when the stones cause severe pain or are passed into the urine. Kidney stones are a common disease today, due to the habit of sitting a lot, afraid to drink water, taking medication or calcium supplements, etc. Patients should seek medical attention immediately when having the first signs of kidney stones to treat it promptly.

    • Blood Clots In The Renal Veins
    • Pyelonephritis

    Pyelonephritis is a type of urinary tract infection, caused by bacteria. When bacteria enter, it usually causes inflammation and kidney pain. People with kidney stones are at higher risk for kidney disease.

    • Osteoarthritis
    • Kidney Cancer
    • Kidney Infection
    • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    • Arteriosclerosis
    • Kidney Failure

    What Are Symptoms Of Kidney Pain?

    Drink Lots Of Water To Relieve Kidney Pain

    Keeping yourself well hydrated not only prevents kidney stones but can also flush out those already present in your ureter, the thin tube connecting the kidneys to your urinary bladder. Water will dilute your urine preventing minerals and salts from clustering and forming kidney stones. Water also flushes out the toxins from your body. However, what is most important is that drinking a lot of water can immediately subside kidney pain whenever it occurs.

    Do this:

    • As soon as you realize that you are about to have intense back pain, start drinking clean filtered water. You may have to drink 1 to 1- ½ liters of water.
    • When you start having this kidney pain, you may not know before this occurs but when you have had a few incidences of such sharp intense pain, you will learn to recognize the pre-symptoms of such kidney pain.
    • Water therapy is specifically useful in kidney pain due to stone and in some events of pain due to kidney infection too.

    Suggestion: Although drinking water may flush out your kidney stones, this may always not be so. You should consult your doctor about your kidney issue.

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    What Are The Potential Complications Of Kidney Pain

    Because kidney pain can be due to serious diseases, failure to seek treatment can result in serious complications and permanent kidney damage. Once the underlying cause is diagnosed, it is important for you to follow the treatment plan that you and your healthcare professional design specifically for you to reduce the risk of potential complications including:

    Natural Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

    12 Key Steps to Prevent Kidney Stones

    The kidneys, like any other part of the body, play an extremely important role in the whole body function. The kidneys are located at the back of the abdomen, just below the diaphragm. Once the organ is damaged, it may lead to pain and cramps, spreading to the lower back areas depending on the condition of the kidney injury. Kidney pain may be due to kidney stones, kidney failure, or spasms. The proportion of people with kidney pain is much higher in males than in females. In many cases, kidney pain may easily be confused with various ailments or back pain. Therefore, it is very difficult for patients to diagnose their condition accurately. They are often subjective and despised, and they rarely visit a doctor for a check. Only when they cannot tolerate the intense pain lasting long, they go to see a doctor. If it is a lucky case, kidney pain may be treated. However, there are many unfortunate cases when the disease is in a bad period; the treatment becomes harder. Therefore, people need to pay close attention to their health.

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    What Causes Flank Pain

    Pain in the flanks can result from several injuries, conditions and diseases. The most common causes of flank pain include:

    How To Get Relief From Kidney Pain

    Kidney pain describes painful sensations that occur inside or immediately around an individual’s kidneys. The kidneys pull extra fluids, minerals, and wastes from the blood so they can be eliminated from the body through the urine. The kidneys also produce certain hormones and manage blood pressure levels. Pain in the kidneys can be caused by several factors, including urinary tract infections, kidney injury, kidney stones, kidney infection, or renal cancer. Some patients who experience kidney pain may mistake it for being muscle, nerve, or bone pain in their back. The source of an individual’s kidney pain can be determined through the use of a physical examination, blood tests, diagnostic imaging, and urinalysis. The method of treatment is greatly influenced by the underlying cause. Some forms of treatment can resolve the underlying issue, while others work to manage symptoms.

    Get familiar with the common methods of treatment for kidney pain now.

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    Avoid Alcohol And Coffee

    The kidneys most important role is to filter out harmful substances and toxins, and both alcohol and caffeine can require extra work from the kidneys. This may hinder the process of healing from an infection. Alcohol and antibiotics also shouldnt be mixed, so avoid alcohol during your treatment for this reason as well.

    How Do I Know If Analgesics Have Affected My Kidneys

    How to Get Rid of Kidney Pain Fast and Naturally – the Holistic Kidney Pain Relief

    Your doctor can check your kidneys by doing a simple blood test called a serum creatinine level. This test measures the amount of a waste product in your blood that is normally removed by your kidneys. If your kidneys are not working as well as they should, the creatinine level will be increased in your blood. The results of the serum creatinine test can be used to estimate your glomerular filtration rate . Your GFR number tells your doctor how much kidney function you have.

    A urine test for the presence of protein may also be done. Persistent protein in the urine may be an early indication of kidney damage.

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    Complementary Treatments You Can Do At Home

    Some people prefer to treat medical conditions with home remedies or alternative remedies.

    Because of how serious kidney infections are, its important that you dont rely on home remedies. Instead, you should take the prescription antibiotics your doctor gives you and use home remedies to help ease symptoms or pain. You can also use home remedies to avoid UTIs and improve kidney function.

    How To Control Emergency Kidney Pain At Home

    There is something terrifying about kidney pain. That sharp, cramping pain, which is not quite like the usual lower backaches, is pain occurring due to some distress related to the kidneys. You might feel it on only one side. In rarer cases, you could experience it on both sides of the back to the right or left of the spine but inside the rib cage. You might be able to differentiate kidney pain from the commoner backache which assails many, especially those who are desk bound for the greater part of the day, when you find that no degree of change of posture eases the pain. Such pain might come in waves, sometimes radiating from the lower abdomen or back to the groin.

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    What Causes Kidney Malfunction

    A major culprit of kidney problems is an acidic diet . A brand-new study sheds light on the renal problems that can be caused by a high-acid, meat-rich diet.

    The study followed 1,500 people with kidney disease for a period of 14 years. Participants who ate a diet high in meat came very close to experiencing complete kidney failure, while those who ate more fruits and vegetables did not even come close to kidney failure. Researchers estimate that an acidic diet can make it three times more likely for your kidneys to fail.1

    Says lead study author Dr. Tanushree Banejee,

    Patients with chronic kidney disease may want to pay more attention to diet consumption of acid rich foods to reduce progression to kidney failuredialysis treatmentsmay be avoided by adopting a more healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.1


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