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Can Kidney Stones In Early Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage

Indications When Surgical Intervention Is Advised

Here’s how to prevent kidney stones during pregnancy

If natural and conservative remedies do not work, you may have to opt for surgical intervention to get rid of kidney stones under these circumstances:

  • The stones that have obstructed the urinary tract have caused pyelonephritis or inflammation due to bacterial infection
  • If you have only one kidney
  • Acute kidney failure
  • Risk of premature labour due to kidney pain

Here Are Some Simple Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones During Pregnancy And Otherwise Also:

  • Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids such as fresh juices to keep your body hydrated and detoxified.
  • Have citrus fruits such as lemon, kiwi, grapefruit, blood orange, bitter orange, etc. These fruits prevent the formation of kidney stones.
  • Dont hold the urge to pass urine, even if it means frequent trips to the washroom.
  • Have detox water made from lemon, cucumber, watermelon, etc. It helps in eliminating the toxins from the kidneys and promotes their better functioning.
  • Avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks such as tea, coffee, and cola drinks. Excess consumption of these drinks can escalate the formation of kidney stones.
  • Reduce your intake of high oxalate foods like nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, dark chocolate, and berries.
  • Do exercise and yoga regularly according to the doctors advice.
  • Quickly consult a doctor in case of any abnormal signs relating to kidney stones.

How Is The Cause Of Cloudy Urine Diagnosed

To diagnose the cause of cloudy urine during pregnancy, your doctor will likely ask you to give a urine sample. The urine test done during your routine prenatal appointments isnt necessarily detailed enough, so you may be asked to do whats called a clean catch.

Youll be given instructions on how to provide the sample so it does not get contaminated. For women, this means washing your hands thoroughly and using special wipes to clean the labia and urethra from front to back. After cleaning, you may pee a small amount into the toilet before catching your sample in the provided cup.

The results from your test may help identify different bacteria or other substances, like blood, present in your urine. You doctor will also take into account other symptoms youre experiencing before ordering further testing and ultimately making a diagnosis and treatment plan.

other important symptoms

The treatment youll receive for cloudy urine will also depend on the cause. Some conditions may respond well to home treatment. Others will require the care of your doctor.

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How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones While Pregnant

If you notice any symptoms of kidney stones, it is advisable to consult a urologist for treatment options. Here are some of the methods used to get rid of kidney stones during pregnancy. Treatment methods are also dependent on the nature of your kidney stones and the trimester that you are in.

1. Medical Treatment

Paracetamols are prescribed to relieve pain caused due to kidney stones. However, in the event that medication fails to reduce your pain, or if there is any indication of preterm labour, you may need surgical intervention.

2. Surgical Treatment

  • Ureteroscopy this procedure is used for diagnosis as well as for breaking down the stones. A small tube called a ureteroscope is inserted into the kidney, which passes through the ureter, the urethra, and the urinary bladder. The process uses a laser to break the stones. This procedure is only ideal for stones smaller than 1 cm.
  • Tube or stent placement this procedure uses a hollow tube passed through the ureters to drain the urine and the stones. It is minimally invasive and needs local anaesthesia at most.
  • Shockwave therapy and open surgery these are not prescribed to pregnant women due to risks to the foetus.

3. Natural/Home Remedies

Conservative methods and natural remedies are the most preferred treatment for kidney stones. Some of these include,

Why Do Kidney Stones Form During Pregnancy

Kidney Stones Pain Nhs

The kidneys are the filtering units of the body. They are two bean shaped organs present just below the rib cage, one on either side of the spinal column. Blood carrying impurities gets filtered after entering the kidneys this process results in urine formation. The urine drains from the kidney, passes through the ureters and into the urinary bladder. Urine is then voided out through another small tube called the urethra.

The urine is a mixture of waste chemicals and minerals. These chemicals sometimes form small crystals which then fuse together to form kidney stones.

Kidney stones are medically also called ‘Urolithiasis’ . It is a condition where stones are found in the urinary tract, which includes the kidneys, ureters or the urinary bladder. They range from microscopic crystals to stones as large as 3-4 cm.

Women could be more prone to developing kidney stones during pregnancy for the following reasons:

a. Urinary calcium excretion increases during pregnancy. This is due to increased absorption of calcium from intestine, increased re-absorption of calcium from bone and due to the hormonal effects of the parathyroid hormone. Since more calcium reaches the kidneys, it has the possibility of precipitating and forming stones, especially if the woman does not drink enough water.

b. As kidney filtration increases in pregnancy, there is also increased excretion of uric acid, which could increase the chances of uric acid stones.

Blood and urine tests:

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Surgical Interventions For Kidney Stones Are

  • Insertion of a double J-stent.
  • Ureteroscopic Stone Removal This is a more frequently used and a relatively safer option for surgical management of kidney stones during pregnancy.
  • Extra Corporeal Shock WaveLithotripsy This method of high ultrasound waves for fragmenting kidney stones is highly contraindicated during pregnancy due to its harmful effect upon the unborn child and even death.
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Minimally invasive lithotripsy or laser to fragment the stone is done. There are very few successful reported cases of PCNL done during pregnancy.
  • Can Kidney Stones In Early Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage Mestinon

    Ayurveda works on the fundamental causes and symptoms of the disease to terminate it altogether, which is why it takes time. This condition can be life-threatening if not treated early. People want an instant solution that is why they choose to go for Allopathic treatment.There is no permanent solution for any disease in Allopathy.

    However, in case the pain is severe, you will need to opt for medical or surgical treatments to alleviate it. Himanshi is a Homoeopathic consultant and currently working as a lecturer in Post-graduate faculty of Homeopathy, Parul University, Vadodara.

    I kept having these waves of pain and thought I was just passing the stone but thought I would go back to the ED just to make sure bub was ok and it turned out I was having contractions and they flew me to Perth. Vesicoureteral reflux is another major cause of hydronephrosis in pregnancy.

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    What Can I Do To Protect My Pregnancy

    Although there’s no sure way to prevent miscarriage, you can take steps to help ensure a healthy pregnancy:

    • Have a preconception checkup.
    • Have regular prenatal visits so your doctor can help prevent and treat any problems early. Make taking care of existing health problems a priority. Your efforts will give your babies the best chance for health.
    • Curb dangerous lifestyle habits. If you can’t stop on your own, talk with your doctor about getting help to stop.
    • Ask your doctor about your risk from the environment and how to protect yourself.
    • Ask your doctor whether you should see an obstetrical specialist, such as a perinatologist, especially if you have more than one miscarriage. These doctors specialize in complicated pregnancies.

    Be aware that you can do everything “right” and still have a miscarriage. Try not to add guilt or self-blame to your emotional burden. Between working with your doctor and making healthy lifestyle changes, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done everything you can to have a healthy pregnancy.

    What Are Symptoms Of Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

    Do You Have These Risks of Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy?

    Kidney stones are commonly formed after the second trimester of pregnancy. It is a rare occurrence for kidney stones to occur during the first trimester.

  • Episodic flank region pain or in the region above the stone.
  • The pain may radiate to the groin on the corresponding side.
  • Nausea and vomiting are commonly present.
  • Hematuria is present in about 75-95% of pregnant women with kidney stones.
  • Increased frequency of urination and pain urination are common features of kidney stones in pregnant women.
  • Pain due to kidney stones often presents as labor pain or uterine contractions.
  • Fever with chills may be present if associated with infection.
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    Top 10 Brown Discharge Home Remedies: How To Get Rid Of Brown Discharge

    Every diseased condition has some or the other natural cure. There are some home remedies and treatments for treating this at home.

    These home remedies are more of precautionary measures.

  • Always change your sanitary napkin when you are on period
  • Do not douche vagina
  • After using the loo swipe your private areas clean. Start the rubbing motion from the front and take it behind. So that nothing remains in the vagina
  • Dont use tampons for long without changing
  • Wear loose cotton undergarments
  • Cause No : Environmental Hazards

    In addition to secondhand smoke, certain substances in your environment at home or at work may also put your pregnancy at risk for miscarriage. These include:

    • Lead in old water pipes or paint in homes built before 1978.
    • Mercury released from broken thermometers or fluorescent light bulbs.
    • Solvents such as paint thinners, degreasers, and stain and varnish removers.
    • Pesticides for killing insects or rodents.
    • Arsenic found near waste sites or in some well water.

    Be sure to talk with your doctor about this. You may find your risks are not as great as you think.


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    How To Tell If You Have Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

    Listen to your body during pregnancy so you can know what’s going wrong in time. The quicker you can identify the symptoms, the easier it is to treat the condition. You can judge whether you have kidney stones from the following symptoms.

    1. Pain in Kidneys During Pregnancy

    Kidney stones during your pregnancy is a condition that can occur any time. If you experience any pain during pregnancy, never ignore it. You can distinguish the pain caused by kidney stones because it is progressive in nature and it will gradually increase on a daily basis. The pain surrounds the first lumbar region before moving to the ureters. The pain is even accompanied with cramps and fever. During pregnancy, it is essential that you consult your physician for a better diagnosis.

    2. Blood in the Urine

    Blood in the urine can signify something different. Stones move spontaneously in the kidneys, which causes the breaking of tissues and the surrounding cells. During pregnancy, there is an increase in hormonal levels and the muscles in the abdominal cavity are relaxed. The movement of the kidney stones is triggered with the availability of the easy and quick avenues to transit.

    3. Pain During Urination

    When the stones escape from the kidneys via the ureters, the process is accompanied by tenderness, and this causes an acute pain during urination. Apart from the symptoms indicated above, it is imperative that you consult your physician in case of any doubt.

    Papaya During Pregnancy: Does It Cause Miscarriage

    Kidney Stones Cause Miscarriage

    Some foods come under to-eat-or-not-to-eat category during pregnancy. Papaya is one such fruit that is high in nutrition but pregnant women usually do not know whether or not to eat. In this MomJunction post, we will share information on the consumption of papaya during pregnancy, its safety, benefits, and effects.

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    Clinical Presentation Of Kidney Stones

    Pain due to kidney stones is often misdiagnosed as appendicitis or placental abruption. The stones occur in the ureter twice as often as in the kidney and it can affect both ureters in equal frequency. Here are some of the symptoms of kidney stones:

    • Radiating pain to the groin
    • Renal colic or flank pain
    • Dysuria or painful urination
    • Blood in urine or hematuria
    • Frequent vomiting and nausea

    If kidney stones in pregnancy do not pass on their own, it might initiate premature labor, produce intractable pain, cause urinary tract infection or it can interfere with the progress of normal labor.

    Urinary stones are an aggregation of the chemical substances dissolved in the urine. When the concentration level of these substances reaches a point and form stones. Kidney stones can be of small size or bigger in size depending on the complexity.

    Causes Of Kidney Stone During Pregnancy

    Although being pregnant does not mean that you are at a higher risk of getting kidney stones, there are certain causes that can connect kidney stones and pregnancy. Some of the common causes of kidney stones during pregnancy are:

    1. Lack of fluids: A common reason for kidney stones is the inadequate consumption of water. The lack of fluids in your body causes an increase in the concentration of minerals like phosphorous and calcium in the urine, which leads to the formation of kidney stones. During pregnancy, your body requires more water than usual. Drinking less than the required amount of water may thus lead to kidney stones.

    2. Genetic predisposition: The genetic makeup of your body may also increase your chances of kidney stones. If you are from a family with a high incidence of hypercalciuria a condition where there is an excess quantity of calcium in the urine you may be more prone to kidney stones during pregnancy.

    3. Bowel irritation: If you have gastrointestinal sensitivity, you may be prone to hypercalciuria or be at a higher risk of kidney stones. This is because chronic inflammation in the bowels may increase the number of calcium ions that are deposited on the kidneys, which then turn into crystals.

    5. Increased filtration: Due to an increase in the filtration activity of the kidney, the amount of uric acid that you excrete may also increase, which may lead to uric acid stones.

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    Treatment For Kidney Stones In Women

    There are various ways a doctor might advise removing these stones. However, the most preferred option is a âNatural Way.â When we say natural, the doctors allow these stones to pass automatically through Urine. But for this, a pregnant woman would have to increase the consumption of water to further increase the flow of Urine. Hence, the Urine or stool can thus carry stones through it.

    Though this is the best way for Pregnant Women, there are cases when these stones get stuck inside the kidneys or in the blood vessels carrying throughout the body. In that case, surgery is often required, which is considered very unsafe for pregnant women. There are surgeries when a tube has to be inserted by creating an incision near the kidneys.

    This incision can hamper the fetus inside the womb, thereby resulting in severe complications. Moreover, many doctors advise their patients to get an electric shock treatment that breaks the stones inside the kidneys. However, these shock waves can hamper the growing fetus inside the womb, thereby resulting in complications. This is why the only safe way to remove kidney stones during Pregnancy is through an Ayurvedic Treatment.

    Can A Woman With Mild Kidney Disease Have A Baby

    Can appendicitis & kidney stones affect pregnancy? – Dr. Ambika V

    That depends. There is good evidence to suggest that women with very mild kidney disease , normal blood pressure, and little or no protein in the urine can have a healthy pregnancy. What is proteinuria? It’s a sign of kidney damage. Your body needs protein. But it should be in your blood, not your urine. Having protein in your urine usually means that your kidneys cannot filter your blood well and the protein is leaking out.

    In women with moderate to severe kidney disease , the risk of complications is much greater. For some women, the risk to mother and child is high enough that they should consider avoiding pregnancy.

    If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, ask your doctor or other healthcare provider about your stage of kidney disease, your risk for complications, your degree of proteinuria, and any other health conditions you may have.

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    What Causes Miscarriage In The First Trimester

    Between 50 and 70 percent of lost pregnancies that happen in the first trimester are thought to be the result of random events, usually caused by chromosomal abnormalities in the fertilized egg. Either the egg or the sperm has the wrong number of chromosomes which prohibits the fertilized egg from developing normally.

    Another potential cause of miscarriage is progesterone deficiency. Women with low progesterone levels in the luteal phase of their menstrual cycles , may be prescribed progesterone supplements to help in this area. However, there is no proof that using a progesterone supplement will ensure a full-term pregnancy.

    What Causes Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, the body undergoes several changes to provide a favorable nourishing environment to the developing fetus. Some normal bodily changes can occasionally be troublesome. The following physiological changes increase the risk of kidney stone formation during pregnancy

    • The kidneys have a rich pelvis and calyx system. This pelvi-calyceal system and ureters enlarge during pregnancy.
    • The hormone progesterone relaxes the smooth muscles of the ureter and reduces its peristalsis.
    • The pH of urine is high or alkaline during pregnancy.
    • In the third trimester of pregnancy, the enlarged, pregnant uterus compresses the ureter.
    • In about 90% of pregnant women, hydro-nephrosis can be noticed.
    • Glomerular Filtration Rate increases by about 50% during pregnancy.
    • Increased GFR causes increased urinary excretion of stone forming agents like calcium, sodium, oxalate and uric acid.
    • Urine stasis due to hydronephrosis along with all these physiological changes can lead to the formation of kidney stones during pregnancy.

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    Why You Should Avoid Latex In Papaya

    Pregnant women should avoid latex kind of unripe papaya because:-

    • Uterine contractions may trigger, prompting early labor.
    • It contains papain which your body may confuse with the prostaglandins some of the time used to motivate labor. Vital membranes of the fetus are getting weak. Vital membranes support the fetus.
    • Usually, an allergen that could trigger an unsafe reaction.
    • In case youre pregnant or planning getting to be pregnant, contact with your specialist about proper nutrition including foods to keep away from.


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