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Is Cran Grape Juice Good For Your Kidneys

How Cranberry Juice Helps

Cranberry Juice and Kidneys | Your Kidneys Your Health | @qasimbuttmd

E. coli, a bacteria that lives in your gut, is a common cause of UTIs, says Ketan Badani, MD, professor of urology at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City. What we know is that consuming cranberries helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the wall of the urinary tract.

Cranberries pack certain antioxidant compounds called proanthocyanidins that stop bacteria from taking up residence. Theyre most effective in preventing future infections in women who have recurrent UTIsmeaning, two or more confirmed UTIs within six monthsnotes a review of studies published in 2016 in Advances in Nutrition.

The most common type of UTI is a bladder infection, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. The telltale symptoms of a bladder infection are burning while peeing and peeing a lot. The go-to treatment is antibiotics.

So the question remains: If cranberry juice is good for your bladder, can it help with your kidneys? The answer seems to be that a little of the juice goes a long way: Heres what you need to know about UTIs and whether you should drink cranberry juice for your kidneys.

What Can I Drink To Make My Tummy Flat

A traditional Chinese tea, oolong tea, like green tea, can help rev up your metabolism and decrease the amount of fat absorbed from your diet due to the presence of polyphenol antioxidants. It is also rich in catechins, which can boost your weight loss by improving the bodys ability to metabolise fat.

Serotonin Type 4 Receptor Agonists

Serotonin type 4 receptor agonists stimulate peristalsis and accelerate gastrointestinal transit. Shin et al. reviewed 13 randomized controlled trials on highly selective 5-HT4 receptor agonists in adults with chronic constipation and concluded that these drugs improved stool frequency and other symptoms of constipation, generally with minor neurological/psychiatric adverse events . However, the efficacy of these drugs has not yet been reported in CKD/ESKD patients. Since CKD-related constipation is often refractory, 5-HT4 receptor agonists may be used not as a sole therapy but as an additive therapy to other drugs.

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Pomegranate Juice For Dialysis Patients

Drinking pomegranate juice may benefit hemodialysis patients, according to a study published in July 2012 in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine. Hemodialysis is a treatment for kidney disease, which filters waste and water from the blood, says the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Researchers concluded that one year of pomegranate juice consumption had a positive impact on oxidative stress, inflammation and incidence of infections in people on dialysis. This natural remedy reduced their risk of death as well.

Additionally, people who are on dialysis often develop iron-deficiency anemia, according to the National Kidney Foundation, so they may need intravenous iron. This further aggravates a personâs oxidative stress, which is already high because of the hemodialysis, notes a study published in June 2013 in Nutrition Research. Scientists concluded that consuming pomegranate juice for one year may reduce the impact of intravenous iron on oxidative stress.

The Benefits Of Grape Juice

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  • Natural grape juice with no sugar added is a concentrated source of antioxidants that protects you against the effects of free radicals that can harm the kidneys.
  • Dont forget that grape juice is an excellent vasodilator, which means that it can help cleanse your veins and arteries, fighting arteriosclerosis, a problem that also affects your kidneys.
  • The health magazine All 4 Natural Health claims that organically grown grapes those that have never been treated with pesticides reduce the levels of uric acid in the body and cleanse your liver and kidneys of waste and toxins.

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Remedies For Dissolving Kidney Stones

1. Water

The importance of drinking water becomes all the more pronounced when you have kidney stones. Water is a natural detoxifying agent that helps in flushing out excess minerals and toxins that crystallize and form kidney stones when accumulated in the body.

Drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water will ensure that the urine has enough fluid content that prevents hardening of minerals and toxins that cause kidney stones.

2. Citric Acid

Citric acid has been known to melt kidney stones and also prevent its occurrence with regular use. Taking a few drops of lemon juice every day will help keep the kidney free from stones and also dilute the stones that could be hardening inside the kidneys.

Drink a glass of lemon juice, possibly without adding water as it has other benefits as well, to keep your stomach strong and free from diseases. You may also mix lemon juice with pure olive oil and drink it two times a day to melt stones and prevent its occurrence.

3. Pomegranate

The juice of pomegranate too is good for treating kidney stones. Pomegranate juice or the fruit contains abundant amounts of water which helps in decreasing the acidity of urine and also the concentration of urine, thereby helping in passing out the small stones through the urine. Powder the seeds of pomegranate and drink with a soup prepared from horse gram.

4. Holy Basil

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Improves Dental Health And Hygiene

Cranberry juice creates a protective layer on your teeth. The cranberry juice-film makes it difficult for the bacteria that cause cavities to cling to the surface of your teeth .

Glucan is the building block of plaque. Oral bacteria utilize glucan to build dental plaque. Ultimately, the plaque covers your teeth and triggers decay. However, cranberry juice disrupts the formation of glucan .

Cranberry juice prevents bacteria from forming plaque by inhibiting these enzymes. When added to dental products, this juice can also stop additional bacteria from adhering to the surface of your teeth .

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What Does Cran Grape Juice Do For Your Body

The potassium found in grape juice can benefit people with high blood pressure by helping the body get rid of excess sodium. Potassium can also lower blood pressure by relaxing the walls of your blood vessels. You may have heard that cranberry juice can help fight the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

Is Lemon Good To Reduce Creatinine

Juice detox recipes weight loss, Cranberry juice weight loss and remove kidney stone naturally

For a person with high levels of creatinine, consuming lemon would have minimal impact on reducing creatinine levels but it also wont increase the creatinine as well.

Creatinine is a waste chemical product that is a by-product of the wear and tear of our muscles. The more muscles a person has the more creatinine will be present in the blood.

The volume of creatinine cleared by the kidneys is known as creatinine clearance. In a person with a healthy kidney, creatinine clearance ranges from 95 ml per minute for females and about 120 ml for males.

It basically means that your kidneys are responsible for excreting out creatinine from 95 to 120 ml of blood so that it does not build up in excess in the blood.

The creatinine clearance can depend on age, size, and the condition of the kidneys.

Therefore, consuming lemon juice or lemon water for a person with high creatinine levels would have a neutral effect which means its neither good nor bad on creatinine levels.

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There Are Some Cautions

For ANYONE opting to use juicing in place of eating whole fruits and vegetables, there are also some disadvantages or cautions associated with it:

  • You lose fiber. When the pulp of the fruit or vegetable is extracted during the juicing process the fiber is lost. Fiber creates more bulk in the stomach, curbing hunger and fiber reduces the likelihood of constipation.
  • Fruit and vegetable juices are more concentrated in natural sugar content than the whole fruit or vegetables therefore, people with blood sugar problems must limit their intake of many fruit and vegetable juices due to this higher natural sugar content.
  • Juicing is not meant to replace all meals for a long period of time, as it will not provide a balance of all the nutrients our bodies need.
  • We miss out on the sheer enjoyment of eatingchewing satisfaction is lost when we drink our fruits and vegetables.
  • Additional cautions should be taken for those with decreased kidney function:

  • People with normal kidney function do not have to limit fluids. For someone with decreased kidney function, fluids may need to be limited, making it difficult to use juicing as a way to get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.
  • Some juicing recipes use canned tomato or vegetable juice which can be high in sodium content. Many people with reduced kidney function must limit sodium intake.
  • Compound In Grapes Found To Reverse Kidney Disease

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    A high fat diet can lead to kidney disease its true, the lipids can increase oxidative stress and depleted copper levels in the kidneys, having potentially lasting and debilitating effects. While reducing fat intake and eating a more balanced diet is the first step in prevention, researchers recently found that grapes could play and important role in reversing the kidney damage that is already done. The study, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, is the first of its kind to link grape seed and skin extracts to the treatment of high-fat-diet-induced kidney disease. The end of the study abstract reads:

    Grape seed and skin extract exerted potential protection against fat-induced kidney lipotoxicity and should find potential application in other kidney-related diseases.

    Researchers induced reno-lipotoxicity in rats by feeding them a high fat diet. The high fat diet led to increases in urine protein and plasma urea, two signs of kidney damage. It also led to an increase of triglyceride deposits, oxidative stress, and lower copper levels. However, giving the rats a daily dose of 500mg/kg bw of GSSEs led to a partial reversal of the damage.

    In our research, obesity-induced leaky kidney and proteinuria are shown to be prevented by GSSE, which suggests the use of GSSE as a preventive nutriceutical for high-risk patients, said co-author Kamel Charradi, from the Laboratory of Bioactive Substance at the Center of Biotechnology of Borj-Cedria in Tunisia.

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    The Fast Track: A Three

    Ready to give your liver a healthy boost and give your entire system a thorough cleaning? My Fast Track Detox program is a proven, highly effective detox and weight-loss system that offers a simple, safe and effective way to drop excess pounds to clear out toxic gunk and to improve your health and vitality. Described in detail in my book, The Fast Track Detox Diet, this program is, in reality, less a diet than a multipart program for healthy living. It has been carefully tested in a clinical setting.

    Although the fasting part of the detox plan is just a single day , the complete process calls for both a seven-day preparation and a three-day follow-up phase designed to properly prepare your system for the one-day liver-cleansing juice fast and then help extend and compound your healthy results.

    This three-part detox process can dramatically improve the state of your liver and colon and help cleanse tissue throughout your body all while eliminating bloating, improving your energy and assisting you in dropping unwanted weight. Best of all, unlike water fasting and long-term juice fasting, this program is safe and gentle enough for you to employ anytime you are feeling loaded down and sluggish and in need of more vitality. I personally do Fast Track Detox fasts three or four times a year, usually around the fall and spring equinoxes, and whenever I feel myself to be on overload.

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    May Help Ease Pms Symptoms And Prevent Osteoporosis

    Foods &  Fluids Good for Urinary Tract Infection

    Cranberry juice is a decent source of magnesium, containing 4% of the DV in 1 cup .

    This mineral which many people dont get enough of is essential for many body processes, including healthy bones and proper muscle function. A deficiency may contribute to muscle cramps .

    Increasing your magnesium intake may help muscles contract more effectively, resulting in less pain. As such, this mineral is thought to help ease PMS symptoms, which may include cramps .

    Whats more, magnesium is necessary for regulating bone density. Women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis or bone density loss later in life, especially after menopause when estrogens protective effects on bones decrease .

    Thus, magnesium may help alleviate this condition.

    During PMS, you may also experience anxiety, depression, lower back pain, and breast tenderness. One older review showed a significant decrease in these symptoms when women supplemented with magnesium .

    Still, the amount of magnesium in this review was far higher than what youd get from drinking cranberry juice. As such, specific research on cranberry juice is needed.


    While more human studies are necessary, cranberry juice may have several benefits for womens health. These include easing PMS symptoms, preventing osteoporosis, aiding postmenopausal health, and reducing signs of aging.

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    Do You Experience Constipation Here Is What You Need To Know And Do

    Constipation: its not a common topic of conversation, but it is a common experience.

    A healthy colon will eliminate the contents of the lower bowel at least once per day, ideally in the morning. But with so many common lifestyle factors contributing to constipation, its not uncommon for many people to go days without a bowel movement!

    Its a fact of life that no one likes to talk about. Dont let constipation keep you behind closed doors for too long. The Body Ecology system for healing can help you overcome constipation and cleanse your colon.

    If you have trouble eliminating, these factors could be why your colon is backed up:

    Diet Cranberry Juice Vs Regular Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry juice is a tart but tasty addition to your diet as an accompaniment to a meal. This juice does contain a lot of calories, so you may wish to choose diet cranberry juice varieties. Understanding the nutritional value of both these types of juice can help you decide which is right for you.

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    What Does Cranberry Grape Juice Help With

    4.1/5grape juicecranberry juice

    Accordingly, what is Cranberry Grape juice good for?

    Cranberry juice is high in chemicals called polyphenols that may support heart health. It has been found that grape juice contains certain enzymes which bring about anti-inflammatory effect in our body. Some chemicals in cranberry juice may help fight viruses and bacteria.

    Similarly, is it good to drink cranberry juice everyday? Cranberry is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by mouth appropriately. However, drinking too much cranberry juice can cause some side effects such as mild stomach upset and diarrhea. Drinking more than 1 liter per day for a long period of time might increase the chance of getting kidney stones.

    In this way, is Cranberry Grape juice good for your kidneys?

    Cranberry juice can help battle frequent urinary tract infections, but it is also very high in oxalate, which can cause kidney stones. And diets low in calcium can cause kidney stones in some people. Drinking lots of water can help prevent kidney stones.

    What is grape juice good for?

    Some research studies suggest that red and purple grape juices may provide some of the same heart benefits of red wine, including: Reducing the risk of blood clots. Preventing damage to blood vessels in your heart. Helping maintain a healthy blood pressure.

    Home Remedies That May Help With Kidney Stones

    Can I Drink Cranberry Juice & Diet Cranberry Juice With Kidney Disease? Don’t Be Fooled By Labels

    After discussing Does cranberry juice help kidney stones? lets discuss other home remedies for kidney stones.

    1. Water

    When you are passing a kidney stone, you should increase your intake of water as it helps in speeding up the process. Aim to drink 12 glasses of water daily. After the stone has passed, continue drinking 12 glasses every day. Dehydration is among the most important risk factors of kidney stones. You should keep a check on your urine color. It must be pale yellow or very light in color. Dark yellow colored urine shows dehydration.

    2. Lemon Juice

    You may add fresh lemon juice to the water you drink. Lemon juice is rich in citrate, a chemical, which prevents the formation of calcium stones. Citrate also helps in breaking off small stones and making their passage easy. There are other benefits of lemon juice. For instance, it inhibits the growth of bacteria.

    3. Basil Juice

    Basil has acetic acid that helps in breaking off kidney stones and reducing pain. It also reduces levels of uric acid thereby, lowering the risk of uric acid stones. Use dried or fresh leaves of basil to prepare basil tea and drink it several times a day. You can also make juice of basil leaves or add them to smoothie.

    Basil juice should not be used for greater than 6 weeks at a stretch as it may result in:

    • Low levels of blood sugar
    • Increased bleeding

    You must not take this mixture in case you are ingesting:

    • Digoxin

    5. Celery Juice

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    Potential Risks Of Grape Juice

    Grape juice offers many health benefits but is high in natural sugar and calories. Some people may need to be especially careful with the beverage and only drink it in moderation.

    High Blood Sugar

    Grape juice contains natural sugars, not the artificial sweeteners or refined sugar found in soda. However, one cup of grape juice contains 36 grams of sugar and almost no fiber, so it can cause your blood sugar to spike.

    If you have diabetes or need to watch your blood sugar for any reason, ask your doctor whether you need to avoid or reduce your typical serving of fruit juice. Whole grapes may be a better option, as they contain fiber and may not be as likely to cause a rise in blood sugar.

    Weight Gain

    Grape juice can be a healthy alternative when trying to kick the soda habit. High-calorie drinks like fruit juice are easy to overdo, though, so consider portion size when pouring a glass. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends limiting juice to a half-cup serving per day.


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