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How To Reduce Kidney Inflammation

Infections Along The Urinary Tract

How to Reduce Inflammation in Kidneys: Foods and Supplements That Work To Reduce Kidney Inflammation

While most of these infections are simply referred to as a UTI, the location of the infection makes a difference. Lower urinary tract infections are very common and easy to treat, but as the infection travels upwards, it gets more difficult and more dangerous.

  • Lower Urinary Tract Infection

    A lower urinary tract infection is what we commonly refer to as a UTI. It occurs when bacteria enters the urethra and causes a frequent urge to use the bathroom, burning sensations, dark urine, bladder discomfort, and kidney pain.2

  • Bladder Infection

    Bladder infections occur when the lower UTI works its way into the bladder. Youll experience similar symptoms, oftentimes persisting for longer periods of time and with an increase in frequency or intensity.

  • Kidney Infection

A kidney infection, also known as pyelonephritis, occurs when excess bacteria has built up in the urinary tract and reached the kidneys.1 It is considered an upper urinary tract infection and is much more serious than lower urinary tract infections.

Once the infection spreads to your kidneys, its more dangerous. Kidney infections can be very serious and may require hospitalization. If you think you have a kidney infection, dont hesitate to schedule an appointment with your urologists for a proper diagnosis. In addition to a urine culture, your doctor will need to order imaging tests, blood tests, or a combination of both to confirm the location of the infection.

How Can I Prevent Ckd

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the most common causes of CKD. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, working with your doctor to keep your blood sugar and blood pressure under control is the best way to prevent kidney disease.

Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease, or help keep them under control. Follow these tips to lower your risk for kidney disease and the problems that cause it:

  • Follow a low-salt, low-fat diet
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes on most days of the week
  • Have regular check-ups with your doctor
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco
  • Limit alcohol

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol consumption can be a tricky topic when it comes to kidney health. Some studies show that moderate alcohol consumption may help decrease the risk of CKD. On the other hand, excessive alcohol consumption can also elevate your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the common reasons for high creatinine levels, as well as one of the causes of kidney disease. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by reducing your alcohol intake or giving up on alcohol altogether.

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When Should I See My Doctor

If you notice any of the symptoms above, see your doctor. If you have one or more of the risk factors for kidney disease, it is particularly important to look after your kidney health and get your kidney function checked every 1 to 2 years.

The body can cope with the kidneys not working properly for quite a while. People can lose 90% of their kidney function before they experience any symptoms. This makes it particularly important to take notice of any symptoms that do appear, and seek medical advice.

Muscle And Joint Pains

7 Effective And Beneficial Ways To Cure Kidney ...

If you have muscle or joint pain, its ideal to use topical preparations , which are rubbed on to the painful area. Avoid tablets containing ibuprofen or similar drugs such as diclofenac if your kidney function is below 50%. Ibuprofen gel or spray is safer than ibuprofen tablets, but it isnt completely risk-free as a small amount of the drug penetrates the skin into the bloodstream.

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Treatment For Kidney Failure Transplant Or Dialysis

Many people with kidney failure can continue with treatment using medicines and will have good-functioning kidneys for the rest of their lives.

In a few people, kidney disease will progress to the stage where the kidneys stop working and it becomes life threatening. This is called kidney failure or established renal failure .

This rarely happens suddenly, and there will be time to plan the next stage of your condition. The decision whether to have dialysis, a kidney transplant or supportive treatment should be discussed with your healthcare team.

Read more about dialysis and kidney transplants.

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Uraemic Retention Solutes: The Role Of Middle Molecules

Along with the decrease of renal function, a large array of known individual uraemic retention solutes accumulate in patients with CKD. Their increased levels, which are frequently elevated several-fold, interact negatively with different biological functions, especially with the inflammatory, cardiovascular and fibrogenic systems, which at the same time are major actors in the high morbidity and mortality of CKD . Classically, these uraemic retention solutes, also called uraemic toxins, have been classified based on their physico-chemical characteristics as small water-soluble compounds, protein-bound compounds and middle molecules .

Although all uraemic toxins have the capacity to affect the biological systems of the host, contributing to the phenotype of the uraemic syndrome, small water-soluble molecules are less of a problem considering that they are, in general, easily removed by dialysis due to their small size, especially if they are not protein-bound. On the other hand, the protein-bound uraemic toxins are a heterogeneous group of generally small solutes, which, due to their protein binding, are difficult to remove by dialysis. The group of toxins denoted middle molecules deserve special attention. This group is mainly composed of small proteins or peptides that can cross the glomerular filtration barrier under normal conditions . Their minimum molecular weight has arbitrarily been set at 500Da, although most middle molecules have a molecular weight of > 10kDa .

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Blood Chemistries And Proteinuria

Human biochemical parameters were measured at the Medicine Laboratory of the Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias using Cobas 8000 Module c702, for most parameters, and Module e801 for PTH immunoassay.

For animal studies spectrophotometry and immunoassay were used to measure serum levels of Ca, P, creatinine and 25-hydroxyvitaminD D). QuantiChromTM Urea Assay Kit measured Blood Urea Nitrogen . ELISA Kits were used to measure rat intact PTH , rat fibroblast growth factor 23 , rat bone alkaline phosphatase , blood and urinary rat TNF . Serum human TNF was measured by bead-based multiplex assay analyzed in a FACS Canto II flow cytometer equipped with a FACS Diva 6.5 software, following manufacturers´ protocols. Test strips measured urinary protein . The FungitelTM kit measured serum, plasma and intracellular -D-glucans.

Correct Ratio Of Omega 6s To Omega 3s


Also very important to reducing inflammation is getting the right ratio of omega-6s to omega-3s, which is 1:1 to no greater than 4:1.

Most Americans eat 50 times more omega-6s than omega-3s. This means the omega-6s are breaking down into large amounts of arachidonic acid.

To counteract this, we must consume large amounts of foods that contain omega-3s. Foods that are high in omega-3s are raw nuts, flaxseed, and wild fish.

During Coueys Challenge, the goal is to consume raw nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, and peanuts. Raw nuts are not roasted or salted.

Raw nuts serve well as a snack or can be added to a variety of dishes and meals such as salads, oatmeal, and cereals.

Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are remarkably high in omega-3s, making them another great addition. Its recommended that people use flaxseed often in their diet.

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Tips To Protect Your Kidneys And Keep Them Healthy

Every thirty minutes, your kidneys filter all of the blood in your body, removing toxins from the blood, excreting them in urine, and preventing damage to all of your organs. Your kidneys also regulate the alkaline/acid balance in your body, preventing you from becoming dangerously acidic.

Regulating acid and toxins is dangerous work. Your kidneys are vulnerable to toxic overload if you dont protect them.

There are three types of serious kidney disease acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, and end stage renal disease.

Acute renal failure is when your kidneys abruptly stop working because of an injury or ingesting toxic substances. ARF may respond well to treatment, if the kidneys are not severely damaged.

When kidneys gradually lose the ability to function, it is typically due to chronic kidney disease or CKD, the most common type of kidney ailment. Often, there are no symptoms of CKD until the condition has advanced. Then patients may experience numbness or swelling in the hands and feet, frequent urination, nausea, anemia, and poor appetite.

Finally, end stage renal disease is a serious condition in which there is no or very little kidney function remaining, and the damage to the kidney is permanent. At this point, a patient is looking at daily dialysis sessions or a kidney transplant.

Ready for some good news? Kidney diseases are largely preventable. And there are ten steps you can take to keep your kidneys healthy and strong.

Complementary Treatments You Can Do At Home

Some people prefer to treat medical conditions with home remedies or alternative remedies.

Because of how serious kidney infections are, its important that you dont rely on home remedies. Instead, you should take the prescription antibiotics your doctor gives you and use home remedies to help ease symptoms or pain. You can also use home remedies to avoid UTIs and improve kidney function.

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Aloe Vera Chlorophyll And Lemon


  • 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  • The juice from 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of chlorophyll
  • 1 cup of water


  • To make this juice, extract the aloe vera gel, wash with plenty of water to remove the yellow layer , and set aside.
  • Squeeze the lemon in order to obtain its juice.
  • Add everything to a blender to blend until smooth.
  • Serve and drink right away.

How To Reduce Inflammation Naturally In 6 Weeks

Home Remedies to Cure Kidney Infection

Are you in pain? Have you looked for answers everywhere? Look no further. The 6-week diet teaches you how to reduce inflammation naturally!

Before I met Dr. Couey my husband and I had pain and thought it was normal – and we were only in our early 40s! Its part of life, right?

In America, we have an alarming increase of inflammatory diseases that besiege every age segment of our population. Children, teenagers, young adults, midlife adults, and especially senior adults are experiencing the painful health consequences of these diseases.

Although in America we have one of the greatest levels of access to food , health supplements, and medicines in the world, we are nowhere near the healthiest.

As a matter of fact, we lead the world in doctor visits, which indicates were the sickest country in the world.

Why would that be?

Inflammatory disease is a huge reason.

We serve inflammation on a fork!

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How To Lower Creatinine Levels Without Dialysis

The symptoms of high creatinine can vary depending on the cause. When you have CKD or declining kidney function, you must do health measures to prevent further kidney damage and slow down CKD progression.

In cases of kidney failure, dialysis may become necessary on top of the medications to help your kidneys filter toxins and waste buildup.

Nevertheless, if you are still in the early stages of CKD, these tips below can help lower your creatinine levels.

Prognosis Of Chronic Kidney Disease

If chronic kidney disease is caused by a disorder that can be corrected and if that disorder has not been present for too long, then kidney function may improve when the causative disorder is successfully treated. Otherwise, kidney function tends to worsen over time. The rate of decline in kidney function depends somewhat on the underlying disorder causing chronic kidney disease and on how well the disorder is controlled. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure, particularly if poorly controlled, cause kidney function to decline more rapidly. Chronic kidney disease is fatal if not treated.

When the decline in kidney function is severe , survival is usually limited to several months in people who are not treated, but people who are treated with dialysis can live much longer. However, even with dialysis, people with end-stage kidney failure die sooner than people their age who do not have end-stage kidney disease. Most die from heart or blood vessel disorders or infections.

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What Is A Kidney Infection

Kidney infections are a type of UTI. The medical term for a kidney infection is pyelonephritis. Certain bacteria and viruses can cause these infections.

Experts believe that many kidney infections start as an infection of the lower parts of the urinary tract, such as the bladder or urethra. Many times, these infections happen when bacteria from your bowel enter your urinary tract through your urethra.

Its possible for a UTI to continue to move up your urinary tract, progressing from your bladder into your kidneys.

How To Reverse Kidney Disease Naturally With Home Remedies & Diet

[Kidney Repair] Foods and Remedies to Reduce INFLAMMATION Fast & Naturally

Yes, it is possible to normalize Kidney Functioning naturally with diet & home remedies.

The process involves reversing your kidney disease to the previous stage, like stage 4 will be reversed back to stage 3 then to stage 2 and 1.

This will help you to increase your life expectancy to another 15-20 years.

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How Is Chronic Kidney Disease Treated

Chronic kidney disease cannot be cured but treatments can help prevent it from getting worse.

There are 5 stages of kidney disease. The type of treatment depends on the :

Stages 1-2: Your doctor will probably take steps to prevent you from developing cardiovascular disease. This may involve lifestyle changes and medication to lower blood pressure and keep your blood sugar under control. Make sure you tell your doctor of any medications you are taking, including natural or herbal remedies, as these can affect your kidneys. Your doctor will need to see you every 12 months.

Stages 3-4: People often discover they have kidney disease when it has already progressed and they start to feel unwell. You may need treatment to lower your blood pressure, blood fats and blood sugar. Your doctor will need to see you every 3 to 6 months.

Stages 4-5 : When the kidneys can no longer function on their own, people need kidney replacement therapy. This may include:

  • kidney transplant, in which a diseased kidney is replaced by a healthy one from a donor
  • dialysis, which uses a machine or other parts of the body to remove waste and extra fluid from the blood
  • supportive care, which means providing all health care and support possible, but not attempting to cure the kidney failure. In this case the person with kidney failure will eventually die

You can buy a book about living with kidney failure from Kidney Health Australia.

When To Seek Immediate Medical Attention

UTIs are uncomfortable, but theyre not an immediate medical emergency. Some people make the mistake of assuming the same is true with a kidney infection.

Kidney infections are serious conditions and they do require medical attention. Untreated, a kidney infection can quickly cause long-term kidney damage or kidney scarring. These infections can also cause , which can lead to shock.

Because of this, a kidney infection can be fatal if allowed to progress. Dont take any chances by not having it treated by a medical professional.

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Control Your Blood Sugar

People with diabetes, or a condition that causes high blood sugar, may develop kidney damage. When your bodys cells cant use the glucose in your blood, your kidneys are forced to work extra hard to filter your blood. Over years of exertion, this can lead to life-threatening damage.

However, if you can control your blood sugar, you reduce the risk of damage. Also, if the damage is caught early, your doctor can take steps to reduce or prevent additional damage.

Bglucans Renal And Vascular Protection In Hyperphosphatemic Ckd

Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

In hyperphosphatemic rat CKD, a daily intake of 40mg of Bglucans, as barley flour, effectively reduced inflammation-driven renal injury by targeting renal elevations in ADAM17, an enzyme induced by CKD of all etiologies and also by TNF and oxidative stress, despite undetectable serum -glucan levels. The higher renal ADAM17 in uremic controls is sufficient to explain their increased inflammatory cell infiltration and 24h proteinuria, as demonstrated by Lautrette and co-workers. In turn, the higher proteinuria of uremic controls could mediate the faster decline in GFR, as recently reported, and corroborated herein by the higher serum creatinine and BUN in the CKD group.

Dietary Bglucans also reduced renal nSMase2 gene expression, which could extend the renoprotective benefits of this nutritional strategy to hypertensive individuals, by counteracting angiotensin II-driven-increases in renal nSMase2 or to diabetic nephropathy, by reducing the release to the urine of megalin loaded exosomes.

Bglucans simultaneous attenuation of CKD progression and renal inflammatory cell infiltration, the two most potent down-regulators of renal -klotho content,, resulted in a higher renal -klotho in the CKD+Bglucans group. However, phosphaturia was similar between dietary groups, which suggested that the higher renal klotho was insufficient to ameliorate kidney resistance to FGF23 and, consequently, the deleterious renal impact of phosphate retention.

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Can You Reverse Kidney Disease At Home

YES You can reverse kidney disease at home using natural treatment, home remedies & diet control.

You know that you can look much younger than your actual age by having a balanced nutritious diet, shedding some weight & getting enough sleep, etc., Not only you will look younger but also you will start to feel more energetic . In the same way, nature can make your kidneys healthier & more efficient.

I was skeptical when I heard about naturally reversing kidney disease, but I gave it a try, and the result was just amazing my CKD reversed from Stage 3b to CKD Stage 2 within 6 weeks.

90% of Kidney Disease Sufferers have no idea that this exists!

Need proof? Check out these Inspiring Success Stories.


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