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How To Avoid Kidney Dialysis

How To Avoid Kidney Transplant And Avoid Dialysis

How to Avoid Kidney Dialysis with Alkaline Renal Diet

Kidneys are a pair of organ that is located at the back of abdomen. Each kidney is 4 to 5 inches long. The function of kidney is to filter blood. Kidney removes waste from the blood and also regulates electrolyte balance in the body. Kidney collect s all waste particles which are excreted from the body through urine. Any problem or complication to kidney disrupts the whole functioning this is generally called Kidney Failure.

Complications related to kidney failure differ from one person to another. Some kidney failure are treatable if they are in their first stage and there are considerable chances that your kidney can return to normal functioning but the fact that one should always keep in mind is that kidney failure is progressive and in the advanced case it is irreversible. Therefore, it is recommended to take special care if you discover any symptoms and take medication at proper time.

  • Swelling especially in legs and feet
  • Loss of appetite
  • Delay in wound healing
  • Other serious complication that comes with Kidney Transplant is:

    Rejection: There are chances that immune system could reject the transplant kidney and treat it as a foreign object. Immune system can mount reaction against it. Reaction from the immune system of the body leaves massive damage to the body. Some of the early sign of rejection can be:

    • Fever
    • Sore at the site of kidney
    • Reduction in the amount of urine
    • Complication can get severe according to the situation and timing of kidney.

    What Foods Help Repair Kidneys

  • What Foods Help Repair Kidneys? Center
  • If you have chronic kidney disease, it is crucial to track food and fluid intake because diseased kidneys cant remove waste products from the body like healthy kidneys can. Here are kidney-friendly foods that can help repair your kidneys and help you stay healthier longer

    Other food items that you can have include

    • Cranberries
    • Tortillas

    Easy To Add To Your Diet

    Both fresh and dried apricots make for a quick, delicious snack or an easy addition to your favorite meal. You can add them to your diet in a variety of ways, including:

    • stirred into trail mix or granola
    • eaten fresh as a snack
    • sliced and added to yogurt or salad
    • used in jams, preserves, and salsas
    • stewed in a slow-cooker with meat, such as chicken or beef
    • added to desserts like pies, cakes, and pastries

    As theyre sweet and tart, apricots can be used as a replacement for peaches or plums in most recipes.

    Summary Both fresh and dried apricots are widely available. You can eat them on their own or add them to your favorite dishes, sides, or desserts.

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    What Food Items Should You Limit In Kidney Disease

    Many food items that are part of a typical healthy diet may not be right for you if youre suffering from kidney disease. If you are diagnosed with kidney disease, your doctor may recommend limiting certain food items such as

    Depending upon the stage of your kidney disease, your doctor will advise you to reduce the potassium, phosphorus and protein levels in your diet.

    How Ayurvedic Treatment For Hemodialysis Effective


    Ayurvedic Kidney Disease Treatment is working as an ideal handling for many as it never includes treatments which will leave any side effects. Being away from artificial procedures and antibiotics, ayurvedic treatment for hemodialysis is providing the right alternative to those who are tackling with the pain of dialysis. Karma Ayurveda, the leading ayurvedic kidney care institution is guiding the patients since 1937 about the right way of treatment and hence bringing them out of the dialysis protocol. Here Dr. Puneet Dhawan guides that how ayurvedic treatment for hemodialysis reduces the need of dialysis by curing the occurred damage slowly and steadily. This is because of the right vision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan by which many more than 35000 patients get guided about how to avoid kidney dialysis naturally?.

    Along with ayurvedic kidney treatment, Karma Ayurveda also makes you aware about the role of diet in the reversal of renal disease. Lets know about the major role of diet in kidney treatment:

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    If You Are Pondering Over The Question As To How To Avoid Dialysis And Cure Kidney Disease Naturally By Ayurveda Here Is Your Answer

    Kidneys are proven to be revived through Ayurveda treatment from ages. There are certain herbs that can cure the kidney and bring it back to its normal health. These herbs allow the patient to avoid dialysis at any stage. Ayurveda treatment uses herbs that lower the level of urea and creatinine levels in the blood. The herbs that are used can clean the channels and reduce swelling and rejuvenate unhealthy kidneys. The main aim of Ayurveda is to strengthen the kidneys, restore its filtration capacity and other function of the kidneys. This way you no longer have to depend upon dialysis.

    Ayurvedic treatment and common diet chart for kidney patients

    Apart from Ayurveda treatment you also need to follow a routine and diet chart. There are certain tips for patients:

    • One must keep a check on blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol level, and body weight.
    • It is very important to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption to reduce further damage to the kidney.
    • Certain salts, sodium and potassium intake should be avoided or minimized from the diet.
    • Protein containing substances such as cereals, vegetables, fruits, etc should be regulated.

    Ayurveda has proven to be an alternative method to cure kidney failure, clearly leaving behind the artificial method of kidney dialysis.

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    Most Beans And Lentils

    In most cases, beans and lentils are considered healthy and convenient.

    However, for people with kidney disease and diabetes, beans and lentils both canned and fresh are not ideal due to their relatively high phosphorus content. Canned versions are typically also high in sodium.

    For example, 1 cup of canned lentils contains 633 mg of potassium and 309 mg of phosphorus.

    If you enjoy beans and lentils, you can still eat them in small amounts but not as a standard carb component of your meal.

    If you choose canned beans and lentils, opt for a low sodium or no salt added version. Also, older research suggests that draining and rinsing canned foods can reduce their sodium content by as much as 3380%, depending on the product .

    Another factor to consider is how much potassium your body absorbs from different food sources. Only about 4050% of phosphorus is absorbed from plant sources, compared with up to 70% from animal sources .

    Theres also evidence that plant-based diets, which rely more on legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds for protein, may slow the progression of chronic kidney disease .


    Most beans and lentils are high in phosphorus and potassium, which means theyre not ideal for people who have kidney disease and diabetes. If you choose to eat them, opt for a smaller portion and choose low sodium versions.

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    How To Improve Kidney Function To Avoid Dialysis

    Kidney dialysis occurs after kidney has failed on its functions. Kidney failure is a condition whereby kidney stops functioning. Blood passing through the kidney is not cleansed leading to high concentration levels of uremia. In order to minimize the bad outcomes, doctors suggest many diagnostic blood tests for a kidney infection. However, you can enhance and improve certain functions of the kidney in order to avoid dialysis.

    How To Stop Dialysis Naturally

    How to Avoid Dialysis | Avoid Dialysis & Stage 5 Kidney Disease Kidney Failure

    The herbal products like Mutrakrichantak Churna contain herbs like Punarnava and others which have remarkable properties to reverse the kidney failure. “Puna” means “again” and “Nava” means “new”. So this herb helps to revive the kidneys. This is one of the best herbal remedy for kidney failure and an excellent alternative to prevent kidney failure naturally.

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    Negative Impacts Of Hemodialysis

    • Low blood pressure

    It frequently occurs when a patient goes for haemodialysis. Hypotension can be caused by the drop in fluid levels during dialysis, due to which nausea and dizziness occur.

    People receiving haemodialysis can become victims of developing sepsis which is blood poisoning. The bacteria enter the body and metastasize through the blood, causing multiple organs failure. The alarming symptoms include dizziness and a high temperature of 38 degree celsius or above.

    • Muscle cramps

    Some people can experience cramps in their lower legs, and it is caused due to the reaction of muscle to the lack of fluids.

    • Itchy skin

    Many people receiving haemodialysis can have itchy skin, which can be caused by the accumulation of minerals in the body in between dialysis sessions.

    Amounts Equal To One Serving:

    • 1 slice bread
    • ½ English muffin
    • ½ cup cooked white rice
    • ½ cup cooked cereal
    • 1 cup cold cereal
    • 4 unsalted crackers
    • 1½ cups unsalted popcorn
    • 10 vanilla wafers

    Avoid whole grain and high fiber foods to help you limit your intake of phosphorus. By limiting dairybased foods you protect your bones and blood vessels.

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    Cure Kidney Disease By Natural Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is an age-old practice of treating body, mind, and soul. It was originated in India and has been actively used since. Natural Ayurveda is being used by many health clinics for curing kidney diseases. Ayurveda uses unrefined herbs and organic remedies for treating patients. An ayurvedic kidney treatment is one of the old names in the history of Ayurveda. It was established in 1937 and is now working under Dr. Puneet Dhawan, the fourth generation of the Dhawan family. It is the most authentic Ayurveda clinic and has successfully cured thousands of patients. Dr. Puneet Dhawan is one of the well-experienced and competent Ayurveda practitioners. He does not believe in kidneys transplant or dialysis and gives the alternative solution in the form of natural treatment.

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    Make Healthy Food Choices

    How to prevent kidney failure with simple life changes ...

    Choose foods that are healthy for your heart and your entire body: fresh fruits, fresh or frozen vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Eat healthy meals, and cut back on salt and added sugars. Aim for less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium each day. Try to have less than 10 percent of your daily calories come from added sugars.

    Tips for making healthy food choices

    • Cook with a mix of spices instead of salt.
    • Choose veggie toppings such as spinach, broccoli, and peppers for your pizza.
    • Try baking or broiling meat, chicken, and fish instead of frying.
    • Serve foods without gravy or added fats.
    • Try to choose foods with little or no added sugar.
    • Gradually work your way down from whole milk to 2 percent milk until youre drinking and cooking with fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products.
    • Eat foods made from whole grainssuch as whole wheat, brown rice, oats, and whole-grain cornevery day. Use whole-grain bread for toast and sandwiches substitute brown rice for white rice for home-cooked meals and when dining out.
    • Read food labels. Choose foods low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt , and added sugars.
    • Slow down at snack time. Eating a bag of low-fat popcorn takes longer than eating a slice of cake. Peel and eat an orange instead of drinking orange juice.
    • Try keeping a written record of what you eat for a week. It can help you see when you tend to overeat or eat foods high in fat or calories.

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    Putting A Stop To Dialysis Through Ayurveda

    When we talk about having a natural treatment, the ancient medicinal science of Ayurveda comes as superior. Ayurveda is the only system that is linked with two elements of the earth. The first is nature, and the second is the human body. Ayurveda links the human body with nature. The natural healing system of Ayurveda assists in providing healing methods for the issues linked with human anatomy.

    Three methods that depict the ayurvedic approach towards the treatment of kidney failure are stated below. These pointers are associated with kidney failure Ayurveda cure.

    However, the factors mentioned above are the steps towards the natural healing of kidney failure. There is no use of machines, drug-based antibiotics and most importantly, you can say no to dialysis by following the path of Ayurveda.

    Diet And Kidney Disease

    Dietary restrictions vary depending on the level of kidney damage.

    For example, people in the early stages of kidney disease have different restrictions than those with kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease .

    If you have kidney disease, your health care provider will determine the best diet for your needs.

    For most people with advanced kidney disease, its important to follow a kidney-friendly diet that helps decrease the amount of waste in the blood.

    This diet is often referred to as a renal diet.

    It helps boost kidney function while preventing further damage .

    While dietary restrictions vary, its commonly recommended that all people with kidney disease restrict the following nutrients:

    • Sodium.Sodium is found in many foods and a major component of table salt. Damaged kidneys cant filter out excess sodium, causing its blood levels to rise. Its often recommended to limit sodium to less than 2,000 mg per day (

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    Packaged Instant And Premade Meals

    Processed foods can be a major component of sodium in the diet.

    Among these foods, packaged, instant, and premade meals are usually the most heavily processed and thus contain the most sodium.

    Examples include frozen pizza, microwaveable meals, and instant noodles.

    Keeping sodium intake to 2,300 mg per day may be difficult if youre eating highly processed foods regularly.

    Heavily processed foods not only contain a large amount of sodium but also commonly lack nutrients .


    Packaged, instant, and premade meals are highly processed items that can contain very large amounts of sodium and lack nutrients. Its best to limit these foods on a renal diet.

    Swiss chard, spinach, and beet greens are leafy green vegetables that contain high amounts of various nutrients and minerals, including potassium.

    When served raw, the amount of potassium varies between 140290 mg per cup .

    While leafy vegetables shrink to a smaller serving size when cooked, the potassium content remains the same.

    For example, one-half cup of raw spinach will shrink to about 1 tablespoon when cooked. Thus, eating one-half cup of cooked spinach will contain a much higher amount of potassium than one-half cup of raw spinach.

    Raw Swiss chard, spinach, and beet greens are preferable to cooked greens to avoid too much potassium.

    However, moderate your intake of these foods, as theyre also high in oxalates. Among sensitive individuals, oxalates can increase the risk of kidney stones (

    Pretzels Chips And Crackers

    Ayurvedic Treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease-How to Avoid Dialysis

    Ready-to-eat snack foods like pretzels, chips, and crackers tend to be lacking in nutrients and relatively high in salt.

    Also, its easy to eat more than the recommended portion size of these foods, often leading to even greater salt intake than intended.

    Whats more, if chips are made from potatoes, theyll contain a significant amount of potassium as well.


    Pretzels, chips, and crackers are easily consumed in large portions and tend to contain high amounts of salt. Additionally, chips made from potatoes provide a considerable amount of potassium.

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    How Long Can I Live Without Dialysis But With Active Supportive Care

    Its difficult to be accurate about life expectancy, as this will depend on your general level of health, how much kidney function you have left, your diet, the speed of your kidney disease progression, and whether you have any other serious medical conditions. If you have no urine output time left is likely to be shorter. It is a good idea to discuss this question with your kidney doctor.

    May Promote Gut Health

    One cup of sliced apricots provides 3.3 grams of fiber, which is 8.6% and 13.2% of the DV for men and women, respectively .

    Apricots are particularly high in soluble fiber, which is important for maintaining healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels .

    Furthermore, fiber delays the movement of food through your digestive tract and feeds your beneficial gut bacteria. A healthier gut microbiome is linked to a lower risk of obesity .

    While a single apricot holds only 0.7 grams of fiber, its easy to eat a few in one sitting .

    Summary Apricots are a good source of soluble fiber, which feeds your healthy gut bacteria and may boost digestive health.

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    Golden Rules Of Kidney Disease Prevention

    Many of us don’t give much thought to our hardworking kidneys. The truth is 33% of adults in the United States are at risk for developing kidney disease.

    The main risk factors of kidney disease are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, a family history of kidney disease, and obesity.

    Here are 7 Golden Rules of Prevention to lower your chances of getting kidney disease.

    How To Delay The Onset Of Dialysis

    Diabetes And Renal Failure: Everything You Need To Know

    Although its scary to be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease , if you find out in the early stages of the disease, there are steps you can take to prolong kidney function. If you work closely with your doctor, chances are good you can still enjoy a healthful quality of life with kidney disease.

    Following good health practices, staying on the job and continuing to enjoy social activities are ways a person can feel in control of their condition. In addition to doing everything physically and medically possible to prolong kidney function, having a job with health insurance provides security that income and health benefits will be available.

    Although there are many causes of CKD, there are certain recommendations that, when followed, can help a person delay kidney failure, which leads to dialysis or kidney transplant.

    The two main causes of CKD in Americans are diabetes and high blood pressure. These diseases should be controlled or prevented to help prolong kidney function.

    Diabetes and prolonging kidney function

    Diabetics need to keep their blood glucose level in an acceptable range and take all physician-prescribed medicines. In addition, the hemoglobin A1c should be kept below 6.5 percent and kidney function tests should be performed at least once a year. Studies have shown that certain high blood pressure medicines can protect the kidneys of people with diabetes, even if they have normal blood pressure.

    High blood pressure and prolonging kidney function

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