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Is Baking Soda Safe For Kidney Disease

Causes Of Kidney Damage

Natural Kidney Remedy Baking Soda For Kidney Disease! How To Use & Deadly Side Effect 2 Avoid!

Endocrine system in our body produces hormones and enzymes to digest food. The pancreas is the organ that produces majority of sodium bicarbonate to protect kidney. Sometimes kidneys also produce this enzymes depending on the type of diet. If the diet is full of sugar, fried fatty food or unhealthy food it will suffer significant reduction to produce sodium bicarbonate which may damage the kidneys. If blood is too alkaline then kidney excretes bicarbonate into the urine to restore the balance.

Effect Of Oral Bicarbonate Supplementation On Nutritional Indices

There were no significant differences in albumin, preablumin, transferrin, BMI, and MAMC between baseline and 12 months in both treatment and control groups . However, there was a significant decrease in TLC and OPNI between baseline and 12 months in the control group of stage 5 CKD.

There was no significant difference in the changes of albumin, prealbumin, transferrin, TLC, OPNI during the study period between the treatment group and control group. The decline of TLC in the treatment group was lower than in the control group during the study period, which was not statistically significant . In stage 5 CKD, there was a significant difference in the changes of TLC and OPNI during the study between the treatment group and control group . However, in stage 4 CKD, there was no statistically significant difference in the change of TLC and OPNI during the study between the treatment group and control group .

The Causes Of The Diseases Are:

1. Infections caused by certain diseases, such as: tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, dental infections, skin, scarlet fever.;They cause inflammation of the glomeruli, called glomerulonephritis.;Sepsis, digestive infections, boils, pulmonary suppurations, sinuses, or genital infections cause pyelonephritis.;If the infections are only urinary tract infections, we have: skin , urethritis , cystitis , urethritis .;Tuberculosis can also be a cause of illness.2. Toxic substances can also cause slow or acute kidney poisoning.;If kidney function suddenly stops, we have acute kidney failure.;These are given by heavy metals present in some drugs or antiseptics.;Sulfonamides, some antibiotics, rheumazol can cause acute renal failure.;With a slow toxic action, phenacetin is present in many analgesics .3. Obstruction of the urinary tract;by an external obstacle.;The obstacle is kidney stones or the tumor.;Disorders of other organs and systems in the body also affect the kidneys.

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The Adverse Events During The Study Period

Mean body weight was significantly increased after 12 months in the treatment group of stage 5 CKD. There was no significant difference in the changes of body weight during study period between the treatment group and control group . In stage 4 CKD, there was no statistically significant difference in the change of body weight during the study between the treatment group and control group. However, in stage 5 CKD, there was a significant difference in the changes of body weight during the study between the treatment group and control group .

There was no significant difference in the changes of systolic and diastolic blood pressure during the study between the treatment group and control group . There was no difference in the number and types of antihypertensive medications during the study between the two groups. All patients in stage 5 CKD was received loop diuretics at the end of the study. Loop diuretic use increased similarly by 75 and 82 % in the control and treatment group, respectively. Three patients in the treatment group and 4 patients in the control group required dialysis during the study period.

Baking Soda Remedy For Kidneys

While it is used for cleaning and other aspects of the ...

According to, studies conducted at the Royal Hospital in London have shown that baking soda has a beneficial effect on kidney function and slows the formation of kidney stones.;In addition, this food can help people on dialysis.;The study, which lasted 2 years, included patients on dialysis.;They were given baking soda.;At the end of the study, the results were truly astonishing: only 6.5% of patients consuming bicarbonate still needed dialysis.

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Can People Over 60 Use This

Do not worry since this is harmless for people over 60.

The program was made for men and women who have chronic kidney diseases or those at risk of developing one. The founders know that the odds of diseases increase as you age, especially if you reach 60. So from the start, they know people in that group will probably use it.

Everything in the program was carefully researched and selected to ensure the best results for individuals over 60.

How To Use Baking Soda For Kidney Repair

As baking soda is not toxic in nature it can be consumed easily by everyone to prevent kidney diseases and degeneration of endocrine system in body. It is also an excellent agent for chemotherapy. Baking soda can be taken easily at home by following steps mentioned below:-

  • On first day take half teaspoon of baking soda sublingually under tongue.
  • On second day mix half teaspoon of baking soda with half teaspoon of salt into 1.5 liters of water, and drink it for 2-3 days.
  • Slowly reduce daily dosage to ¼ teaspoon & 1/3 teaspoon of salt. This simple step can easily protect kidney from damaging.
  • Baking soda and apple cider vinegar can also be used to repair kidneys.
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    Baking Soda Helps Autoimmune Disease

    A daily dose of baking soda may help reduce the destructive inflammation of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, scientists say.

    The right pH balance in the body is necessary for overall health. When one is too acidic , a variety of health issues can show up. And it is true, many alternative health practitioners say its much better to be slightly alkaline than too acidic.

    In April 2018, the Journal of Immunology medical journal published a study that showed drinking water mixed with baking soda could reduce chances of getting inflammatory conditions.

    After the test subjects spent two weeks drinking the baking soda and water mixture, scientists found that their immune cells appeared to change what they were doing. Researchers said that the immune cells began to focus on reducing inflammation instead of promoting it.

    It appears that the baking soda acted as a way to turn on the immune cells anti-inflammatory response. Chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases could benefit from these anti-inflammatory properties.

    The scientists in the study combined 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with 20 ounces of water, and the mixture was sipped throughout the day. Experts suggest starting by mixing 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water and drinking it a few times a week.

    Can Baking Soda Raise Blood Pressure

    Repair Kidney With Baking Soda Naturally

    High blood pressure: Sodium bicarbonate might increase blood pressure. People who already have high blood pressure should avoid sodium bicarbonate. Low potassium levels in the blood: Sodium bicarbonate might lower potassium blood levels. People who already have low levels of potassium should avoid sodium bicarbonate.

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    Who Is This For

    This is for anybody who has kidney ailments or for people who have the symptoms. People looking for preventative treatments may also benefit from this.

    It works best for individuals who have limited access or alternatives to take care of their kidney disease. The remedies they used involve natural medicine, so there are no side effects.

    It helps reverse the kidney disease stage you are in and prevent remedies such as transplants or dialysis.

    How Baking Soda Works On The Kidneys

    When administered orally, bicarbonate brings many benefits to kidney function: combined with dialysis, bicarbonate passes directly into the blood.;Thus, it prevents damage to the kidneys and neutralizes acids present in food , promoting their absorption by the body without harming the kidneys.

    This kidney remedy is also effective for other health problems.;For example, in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, bicarbonate counteracts its side effects.;Baking soda is also an exceptional detoxifier for the whole body.

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    How Did It Begin

    This all started when Fionas grandmother was diagnosed with stage-4 renal disease. They looked for an alternative instead of having her go through dialysis. ;After studying several peer-reviewed books and other medical literature, they jumped to medical trials. Fionas grandma went through this organic program. Her condition improved significantly in just 12 weeks of treatment.

    Within six months during her treatment, she transferred from stage-4 to stage-1. Fionas grandma lived on for ten more years before dying of heart failure in 2017.

    The Kidney Disease Solution has treated over 25,000 people globally since 2008.

    How Does Sodium Bicarbonate Work In The Body

    Repair Your Kidney Naturally

    Our body systems function best in a narrow pH range, or measure of acidity vs. alkalinity . Our kidneys and lungs are the organs that work to maintain this proper acid-base balance. Healthy kidneys normally remove excess acid through urine and by making a base, bicarbonate. The bicarbonate neutralizes the acid to decrease the acid level. The lungs help to remove acid by increasing breathing rate to breathe out carbon dioxide. With kidney disease, the kidneys are not able to adequately perform their job. They can no longer maintain the proper acid-base balance in the body. As a result, an excess buildup of acid results in metabolic acidosis.

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    How Does It Work

    The endocrine system produces hormones and enzymes to help digest food into safer chemicals that the body can process. The pancreas is usually the organ that produces the majority of sodium bicarbonate to protect the kidneys during digestion. Sometimes, the kidneys will produce additional amounts, depending on the type of food you eat.

    If your diet includes added sugar, fried foods, fatty foods and other unhealthy choices, the endocrine system can become stressed. Both the pancreas and the kidneys will suffer a significant reduction in their ability to produce sodium bicarbonate effectively. Without sufficient production of bicarbonate, the acids produced during digestion cannot be effectively neutralized, causing kidney damage.

    In dialysis or other treatments for kidney damage, sodium bicarbonate is one of the most common agents used. A process known as acid buffering aids in the removal of excess fluids and waste material from the bloodstream. Dialysis helps to add sodium bicarbonate to the body, because the kidneys are no longer able to produce it in order to process food and waste materials. When the body is able to produce normal amounts of bicarbonate on its own, the life of the kidneys is extended, and the endocrine system can remain healthy.

    Baking Soda Overdose Treatment & First Aid

    Professional medical experts should handle baking soda overdose treatment and overdose. Doctors should then determine the best measures to take to alleviate the effects.

    An overdose on baking soda will be treated like any other poison and the treatment will involve stomach pumping or induce vomiting. Direct ingestion is usually when people are trying to use it as a remedy when someone else has taken too much.

    Intravenous fluid resuscitation and potassium supplements are used to treat hazardous baking soda ingestion. With volume resuscitation, most instances of metabolic alkalosis will resolve over time. This should be done with caution in children to avoid the danger of cerebral edema related to rehydration .

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    Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation In Chronic Kidney Disease Evaluation Of Dose Response Safety And Beneficial Effects

    The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
    First Posted : April 27, 2009Last Update Posted : February 16, 2015
    • Study Details
    Condition or disease
    Layout table for study information

    Study Type :
    Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation in Chronic Kidney Disease Evaluation of Dose Response, Safety and Beneficial Effects
    Study Start Date :
    Experimental: Single armCrossover design. Participants will be getting either placebo or different doses of sodium bicarbonate during the study. Drug: Sodium bicarbonateSodium bicarbonate at 3 different doses or placebo. The different doses tested will be: 0.3 mEq/kg of ideal body weight, 0.6 mEq/kg of ideal body weight and 1 mEq/kg pf ideal body weight
  • serum bicarbonate levels
  • muscle strength as measured by sit-to stand test
  • Blood pressure
  • Information from the National Library of Medicine

    Layout table for eligibility information

    Ages Eligible for Study: ;

    Trial Design And Oversight

    How To STOP Kidney Disease in 10 Min – The BAKING SODA Miracle –

    The UBI Study was a multicenter, randomized, unblinded, pragmatic controlled trial. Patients at 10 Nephrology units in Italy with CKD stage 35 and metabolic acidosis were enrolled from January 2013 through September 2014 and randomized to receive sodium bicarbonate or standard care for 36;months, the occurrence of a study endpoint or lost to follow-up. To ensure allocation concealment, randomization was centralized .

    The study protocol was approved by the Campania Nord Ethic Committee, registered on and conducted according to the principles embodied in the Declaration of Helsinki and Good Clinical Practice. All participants signed an informed consent document.

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    What Are The Home Remedies To Reduce Creatinine

    Talk to your doctor about ways to help lower your creatinine levels , including these eight natural options: Cut back on vigorous exercise. Dont take supplements containing creatine . Reduce your protein intake. Eat more fiber. Talk to your doctor about how much fluid you should drink. Try chitosan supplements. Take WH30+

    Who Needs Sodium Bicarbonate

    If sodium bicarbonate is considered important for a persons treatment, then their physician will prescribe a dose of sodium bicarbonate in a tablet form. It can help be a buffer to decrease acid level in the blood. Be aware this medication is high in sodium and should not be used without physician approval. Problems with metabolic acidosis are more likely present in late stages of chronic kidney disease ;and in dialysis patients.

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    Why Does A Low Serum Bicarbonate Increase The Risk Of Reaching Kidney Failure

    Studies on thousands of patients with a low serum bicarbonate showed that they reached kidney failure faster than patients with a normal serum bicarbonate. The reasons for this are not very clear, but excess acid may not only harm the kidneys directly, but it may also make diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes worse. These two diseases are the main causes of CKD, so making them worse could make kidney failure happen more quickly. Other diseases that are common in CKD, such as heart disease and gout, are also made worse by metabolic acidosis and can therefore make patients reach kidney failure faster than patients who do not have these diseases.

    Can Baking Soda Cause Death

    How To Repair Your Damaged Kidney Naturally Using 1 ...

    Acute ingestions of sodium bicarbonate have been reported to cause metabolic alkalosis, electrolyte abnormalities, altered mental status, dysrhythmias, tachypnea, and rhabdomyolysis. We report a case of ingestion of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate in an attempt to induce emesis, which resulted in death.

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    How Is Metabolic Acidosis Treated

    Studies have shown that treatment with sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate pills, which are base substances, can help keep kidney disease from getting worse. However, you should not take sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate pills unless your healthcare team recommends them. Another type of treatment that binds excess acid in the bowels is being studied for treating metabolic acidosis. You can discuss these treatment options with your healthcare team.

    A diet that includes more plant-based proteins than animal-based proteins, along with a high intake of fruits and vegetables, can also help keep acid levels from rising in the blood. Before making any dietary changes, speak with your healthcare team.

    Baking Soda And Chronic Kidney Disease

    Approximately 37 million Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease . However, most of them dont know it until it is too late. In the medical community, kidney disease is one of the most complex diseases to cure. Your only choices are either to prevent them until you arrive at the point at which you will need dialysis, or worse, kidney transplant.

    You dont need to experience extreme procedures and treatments since you are being proactive or already have kidney disease. Using an easy three-phase system, The Kidney Disease Solution teaches you how you can heal your kidneys naturally.

    Before you go on, you may want to check out this video of Home Remedies TV on YouTube that gives a quick review. After, youll want to read the rest of the article for a more comprehensive review.

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    What Does The Nhs Knowledge Service Make Of This Study

    This randomised controlled trial provides good evidence that oral supplementation with bicarbonate can improve clinical outcomes for people with chronic kidney disease and associated metabolic acidosis. The researchers discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their study:

    • The randomised nature of the study, the intention to treat analysis and study size are all strengths that increase confidence in this trials findings.
    • The results are likely to be applicable to many patients with chronic kidney disease because the study sample was heterogeneous i.e. the patients had a wide range of underlying conditions.
    • However, the findings wont necessarily apply to those with morbid obesity, cognitive impairment, chronic sepsis, congestive heart failure or uncontrolled blood pressure, as these groups were excluded from the study.
    • The study did not have a placebo group, and instead compared supplementation with standard care. It is not clear what was involved in standard care, nor whether taking other drugs that may interfere with sodium bicarbonate, such as the phosphate binders, differed between the groups.
    • Patients receiving the supplements would have known that they were in the intervention group, i.e. they or the researchers were not blinded to the group allocation. This could have introduced some bias.


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