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Is Avocado Good For Kidney

Avocado Good For Your Kidneys

Avocado and Kidney Disease Should You have Avocados or Avoid them?

Avocados help you maintain the health of your kidneys. It can balance out the minerals and fluids in your body, which is really handy if you suffer from a kidney disorder.

Avocados are also very rich in potassium. This is pertinent because this mineral helps your body maintain its fluids and channel them out of the body when they are not required. When these fluids are balanced, your kidney functions at an optimum level as it is responsible for moving out the fluids and toxins in your body.

Who Is Jill Harris

Jill is a nurse and health coach that specializes in educating patients on kidney stone prevention. For more than 20 years shes helped patients understand that kidney stones can be prevented with the right treatment plan. Its one thing to be told to lower oxalate or drink more water, but HOW do you do it? Thats where she comes in. Through the educational resources at, stone formers can learn everything they need to know to significantly lower new stone risk.

Why Is Nutrition Important For Someone With Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

A person may prevent or delay some health problems from chronic kidney disease by eating the right foods and avoiding foods high in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Learning about calories, fats, proteins, and fluids is important for a person with advanced CKD. Protein foods such as meat and dairy products break down into waste products that healthy kidneys remove from the blood.

As CKD progresses, nutritional needs change. A health care provider may recommend that a patient with reduced kidney function choose foods carefully.

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Avocado Good For Digestion

Avocados are considered good for digestion due to many reasons. They tend to soothe the intestines, preventing any inflammation or symptoms of the same. They are also extremely rich in insoluble and soluble fiber. This helps your stool bulk up and move down the digestive tract, giving you regular and better bowel movements.

Furthermore, avocados also help your digestive system secrete more gastric bile and juices, which goes a long way in maintaining your stomachs health as they prevent acidity and allow food to break down and be digested in a more efficient manner.

Avocados can help you treat constipation and diarrhoea. They even make sure that the nutrients from the food are absorbed properly into the system.

Nuts And Sunflower Seeds

Harmful Foods for your kidneys

Nuts and seeds are popular, healthy snacks for most people. However, for a person with kidney disease, they can be harmful.

A 1 ounce serving, or about 23 almonds, contains about:

  • 208 milligrams of potassium
  • 187 milligrams of potassium
  • 168 milligrams of phosphorus

If you enjoy nuts and sunflower seeds, consider pairing them with other low-potassium and low-phosphorus meal options. Alternatively, choose nuts that are lower in phosphorus.

Macadamia nuts are a great choice for a kidney diet as they only contain around 104 milligrams of potassium and 53 milligrams of phosphorus per 1 ounce serving.

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How To Store Oils

How you store oils will help prolong the shelf life. Stable oils stay fresh longer. Be sure to store your oils in a cool dark place away from your hot stove.

Oils with lower saturated fat should be refrigerated to extend their shelf life. These include canola, flaxseed, pecan, peanut, sunflower, sunflower, walnut oils.

Oils containing vitamin E may stay fresh longer. These include avocado, rice bran, sesame, and sunflower oil.

Oils should be used within 12 months of buying. If you havent used them in a while, throw them out to avoid eating rancid oil.

Analysis Of Renal Vascular Reactivity

Renal vascular function was assessed at the end of the treatments with concentration-response curves to agents inducing vasoconstriction or vasodilation. The rats were anesthetized with sodium pentobarbital at an intraperitoneal dose of 55 mg/kg. The right renal artery was cannulated, the kidney was resected and placed in a Langendorff system. The kidney was perfused with Krebs-Henseleit buffer at 37 °C. The buffer was bubbled with a mixture of 95% O2 and 5% CO2, the liquid flow rate was adjusted to 10 mL/min. Before the start of the experimental protocol, the baseline perfusion pressure was allowed to stabilize for one hour.

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Food Facts Friday: Cooking Oils

FAQFeatured PostTipsTagsavocado oilcanola oilcoconut oilcooking oilsolive oil

Oils are used in several ways, including for cooking,baking, frying and as a way to add flavor to a salad. With so many uses, itsno surprise there is a variety of oil types. It can seem like theres a newtype of oil every time you go grocery shopping. How do you know which oil isbest? Read on to learn more about the different kinds of cooking oils.

A Video Entitled 7 Foods That Are Good For Your Liver

Mayo Clinic Minute: Avocado gets an ‘A’ for health benefits

Foods that contain a lot of saturated fat, processed sugar, or chemicals can cause or damage liver cells, and therefore may exacerbate the liver condition.

On the other hand, foods rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients can protect liver cells from damage. Densely packed with nutrients that support liver cells, avocados fall directly into the category of liver-friendly foods.

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They Contain More Potassium Than Bananas

Potassium is a nutrient that most people dont get enough of .

This nutrient helps maintain electrical gradients in your bodys cells and serves various important functions.

Avocados are very high in potassium. A 3.5-ounce serving packs 14% of the recommended daily allowance , compared to 10% in bananas, which are a typical high-potassium food .

Several studies show that having a high potassium intake is linked to reduced blood pressure, which is a major risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure .


Potassium is an important mineral that most people dont get enough of. Avocados are very high in potassium, which should support healthy blood pressure levels.

Reduce Your Potassium Intake

This mineral helps your nerves and muscles work properly. But when you have CKD, your body canât filter out extra potassium. When you have too much of it in your blood, it can lead to serious heart problems.

Potassium is found in a lot of fruits and veggies, like bananas, potatoes, avocados, oranges, cooked broccoli, raw carrots, greens , tomatoes, and melons. These foods can affect potassium levels in your blood. Your doctor will let you know if you need to limit this mineral in your diet. If so, they may recommend you try low-potassium foods, like:

As your CKD gets worse, you may need to make other changes to your diet. This might involve cutting back on foods that are high in protein, especially animal protein. These include meats, seafood, and dairy products. You may also need extra iron. Talk to your doctor about which iron-rich foods you can eat when you have CKD.

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Pretzels Chips And Crackers

Ready-to-eat snack foods like pretzels, chips, and crackers tend to be lacking in nutrients and relatively high in salt.

Also, its easy to eat more than the recommended portion size of these foods, often leading to even greater salt intake than intended.

Whats more, if chips are made from potatoes, theyll contain a significant amount of potassium as well.


Pretzels, chips, and crackers are easily consumed in large portions and tend to contain high amounts of salt. Additionally, chips made from potatoes provide a considerable amount of potassium.

Avocado Benefits For Diabetic Patients

Gooood morning Now I want these avocado toasts for breakfast what about ...

Avocados also offer a host of other health benefits. They can prevent you from a vitamin K deficiency. They can help you prevent weight gain while still maintaining a diet thats rich in important nutrients. They help reduce blood glucose levels and can therefore be very beneficial for diabetics.

Avocados also promote a healthy heart as they help lower LDL cholesterol levels, prevent cardiovascular disease. Since they are rich in potassium, they also help lower your blood pressure on the whole.

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What Should I Know About Sodium And Salt If I Follow A Renal Diet

Sodium is a mineral found in salt . Its widely used to prepare foods.

Salt is one of the most commonly used seasonings. Itll take time for you to get used to reducing the salt in your diet. However, reducing salt/sodium is an important tool in controlling your kidney disease.

Here are some suggestions.

  • Dont use salt when cooking food.
  • Dont put salt on food when you eat.
  • Learn to read food labels. Avoid foods that have more than 300mg sodium per serving . Avoid foods that have salt in the first four or five items in the ingredient list.
  • Dont eat ham, bacon, sausage, hot dogs, lunch meats, chicken tenders or nuggets, or regular canned soup. Only eat reduced-sodium soups that dont have potassium chloride as an ingredient Also, only eat 1 cup, not the whole can.
  • Choose only canned vegetables that say no salt added on the label.
  • Dont use flavored salts such as garlic salt, onion salt, or seasoned salt. Dont use kosher or sea salt.
  • Be sure to look for lower salt or no salt added options for your favorite foods such as peanut butter or box mixes.
  • Dont purchase refrigerated or frozen meats that are packaged in a solution or those that have been flavored or pre-seasoned. These items can include boneless chicken and bone-in chicken pieces, turkey breast, whole turkeys, steaks, roasts, burgers, pork tenderloin and pork chops.
  • Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk

    Almost 70% of avocado oil consists of heart-healthy oleic acid, a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, but its not only down to the oleic acid content that is proving that avocado oil is heart healthy.

    A study found that its results suggested that avocado oil and its antioxidant content place it as a potential oil to be used as one of the preventive factors of metabolic syndrome since it reduces LDL levels significantly, without affecting HDL levels. Furthermore, the results indicated that avocado oil exerts effects are similar to olive oil.

    A lowering in bad cholesterol is always good for our cardiovascular health and means that theres more HDL, or good cholesterol in our bodies, allowing us to function at our optimum.

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    Bran Cereals And Oatmeal

    When shopping for cold and hot cereals, be sure to look at the food label. Many cereals that you find at the grocery store are filled with hidden:

    Limit or avoid cereals with the word phosphorus or “phos” listed on the ingredient list. A 3/4 cup of bran flakes cereal contains about:

    • 160 milligrams of potassium

    One cup of cooked oatmeal contains:

    • 180 milligrams of phosphorus
    • 164 milligrams of potassium

    Effects Of Avocado Oil Or Prazosin On Renal Function Of Hypertensive Rats

    Are avocados high in oxalate? / Kidney Stone Diet Podcast with Nurse Jill Harris

    The effects of avocado oil and prazosin on hypertensive kidney damage were evaluated by the staining of kidney slides with hematoxylin-eosin and examination by light microscopy . The kidney sections of the CTRL and CTRL+AO groups have a normal architecture with well-defined glomeruli and Bowmans capsule , while no inflammatory changes were detected in the distal and proximal convoluted tubules. The HT group displayed fragmented and empty glomeruli, an increment in the Bowmans capsule area, and poor light in both the distal and proximal convoluted tubules. The changes in the architecture of both the glomeruli and convoluted tubules detected in the HT group were not observed in the HT+AO and HT+PZS groups. Moreover, the latter groups exhibited a decrease in the Bowmans capsule area. These results indicate that avocado oil prevented hypertensive kidney damage to the same degree as prazosin, which may be mediated by the decrease in mitochondrial dysfunction induced by avocado oil and prazosin.

    Effects of avocado oil or prazosin on the renal architecture of hypertensive rats. Kidney sections were stained with hematoxylin & eosin and observed at 20×. B: Bowmans capsule D: Distal convoluted tubule G: Glomerulus P Proximal convoluted tubule. Images are representative of four independent observations using different kidney samples.

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    The Guardian Five Illnesses To Treat With Avocado Leaves

    “Treats Kidney stones: With active substances such as saponins and alkaloid, avocado leaves have proven to be an effective method for dissolve kidney stones. Drinking it two to three times a day breaks down the kidney stones within 7 to 10 days. During this period of drinking, youd notice the froth-like substances come out through your urine.”

    You can read more about the study by clicking HERE

    What To Eat When You Have Kidney Disease

    Should I be on a low-phosphorus diet if I have kidney disease?

    Ask your doctor or renal dietitianthe answer will often be yes. Phosphorus is a mineral found mostly in dairy products and meats. Your body uses it to form strong bones and teeth. But starting in the earlier stages of chronic kidney disease , your kidneys begin to lose the ability to remove extra phosphorus from your body. Because too much phosphorus can harm your bones, it makes sense to eat less phosphorus.

    Some experts think 800 to 1,200 mg. of phosphorus per day is a good target. Food labels are not required to list phosphorus, so you will need to talk to a renal dietitian or find a nutrition reference guide and look up foods. You’ll soon learn the phosphorus values of the foods you eat most often.

    If you are also on a lower protein diet, a low-phosphorus diet is easier because foods high in protein tend to be high in phosphorus, too. Your doctor may want you to limit dairy servings each day and take a calcium supplement. Taken with meals, calcium supplements act as phosphate binders, because they lock on to extra phosphorus and keep your body from absorbing it.

    Should I be on a low-potassium diet if I have kidney disease?

    Your potassium level should be checked regularly with a blood test. If your levels are too high, your doctor will ask you to start a low potassium diet.

    Should I be on a low-protein diet?

    Loss of appetite and kidney disease

    Additional Resources

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    How To Create A Toolkit

    From Kidney Kitchen Pro, click Create a toolkit. From there, take the following steps:

    • Toolkit name: Give your custom toolkit a name so you remember who or what it is for.
    • Meal plans: If youve created custom meals plans previously in Kidney Kitchen Pro, you can add those custom meals plans to the toolkits.
    • Resources: From the dropdown menu, you can select any of Kidney Kitchens resource guides, videos or webinar. You can select more than 1 at a time.
    • If you plan on sending this toolkit to another person, you can add a special note in this section.
    • Private notes: If you want to note something that should only be visible to you, this is where you add it.

    Once youve created your toolkit, click Create toolkit to save it. If you are logged in to Kidney Kitchen Pro, you can access your custom toolkits at any time. Click on the toolkit to access the content and to share and print it for others.

    It Is Rich In Vitamins And Antioxidants

    Cholesterol Lowering: Is Avocado Good For Cholesterol Lowering

    Avocado contains various essential vitamins such as vitamin K, E, and D which are needed by the body for carrying out many important functions.

    Avocado also contains carotenoids which is an antioxidant that plays a preventive role when it comes to cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

    Therefore, the above nutrients can be beneficial for a kidney patient to avoid causing further damage to the kidney cells.

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    Analysis Of Ros Levels And Mitochondrial Glutathione

    ROS production was determined in kidney mitochondria by measuring the oxidation of the fluorescent probe 27-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate . 0.5 mg/mL mitochondria and 1.25 mM of H2DCFDA were incubated at 4 °C for 20 min under constant stirring in a buffer containing 10 mM HEPES, 100 mM KCl, 3 mM MgCl2, and 3 mM KH2PO4 . Then, the mitochondrial suspension was placed in a quartz cell and the analysis started by recording the baseline fluorescence. 1 min later, 10 mM glutamate/malate was added to fuel the ETC in complex I, and the changes in the fluorescence were monitored for 20 min. Fluorescence was measured with a Shimadsu RF-5301PC spectrofluorophotometer . The rate of ROS production was expressed as the changes in fluorescence in arbitrary units per minute, which was calculated by subtracting the fluorescence obtained 20 min after the addition of the substrate minus the fluorescence before the addition of the substrate and divided by twenty . The levels of glutathione and its redox status were assessed in isolated mitochondria by a modification of the method by Akerboom and Sies , as reported elsewhere .

    Potential Risks Of Avocado

    Avocados have plenty of benefits to your health. But there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

    They’re high in calories. A whole avocado has somewhere between 200 and 300 calories. So if you’re trying to lose weight, going all in on avocados may not be the best strategy. Experts say one avocado a day, even half of one, can be enough to get the benefits you want.

    You may have trouble digesting them. Avocados are what’s known as a high FODMAP food. Simply put, it has some forms of carbohydrates that might be difficult for your body to take in. If you’re following a low FODMAP diet or you have a digestive condition, you may want to keep your enjoyment of this green fruit to a minimum. Talk with your doctor.

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