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How To Naturally Detox Liver And Kidneys

Cucumber Carrot + Kale Smoothie

How to detox liver and kidney naturally? – Dr. Saritha Nair

Detoxifying ingredients:

  • Celery: Its wonderful for purifying the blood and reducing inflammation, all of which are reflected on our outer layer.
  • Cucumber: Since they are 90% water, they provide wonderful internal hydration, which is key for external radiance. They are also naturally cooling and can help tame inflammation-caused redness.
  • Carrot: Its high in vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, which is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell degeneration and helps to slow the aging process. Its high in vitamin C, which is key in helping the body produce collagen. Potassium is also found in carrots, which promotes the growth of new skin cells.
  • Lemon: Its packed with vitamin C and B vitamins, another blood purifier, which also helps to eliminate toxins that lead to a brighter complexion.
  • Kale: Its an anti-inflammatory, nutrition-rich, and vitamin-rich powerhouse packed with vitamins A, C, K, E, calcium, and beta carotene that all help repair skin damage. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids amp up its anti-inflammatory properties even more.

Heres what youll need:

  • ¼ cup chopped celery
  • ½ cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • ½ tbsp Stevia
  • 1 serving protein powder 25 grams of protein
  • ½ cup ice

How to make your detox drink:

Simply add all of the ingredients into your blender starting with the liquids first and blend for 40-60 seconds. You may add more liquid to reach a thinner consistency or add more ice to thicken the drink recipe.

What Is The Best Way To Detox Your Dog & Cat

Most likely, you have a general idea what toxins are. We often hear things described as being “toxic,” and we understand that this is bad, potentially damaging, and perhaps poisonous. Toxins can cause, worsen, or accelerate many health problems in people and pets. But many of the toxins that can profoundly affect our own and our pets’ health are hidden, and we may be unknowingly contributing to the load of toxins we and our pets have in their bodies. While toxins are bad for us, they can be even more devastating to our pets for several reasons.

First, pets are generally much smaller than we are, with smaller organs of elimination . When exposed to toxins, their bodies have to work much harder than ours do to eliminate them. Second, pets have a shorter life span. They don’t have the luxury of time that we have for their bodies to eliminate toxins as gradually. Also, our pets can’t talk to us to let us know when something in their food or their environment is making them feel sick. They can’t switch their own food or decide to stop using a household cleaner that irritates their sinuses or lungs. Since we control our pets’ environment, they rely on us 100% to reduce toxins they encounter.

Simple Ways To Detox Your Liver

The liver may not be the CEO of the body, but it is still sitting in one of the corner offices.

For an organ that measures just two to four inches and weighs two to three pounds, the liver has two titles and more than 500 roles to carry out on a day-to-day basis. As the second largest organ , the liver has some weighty responsibilities that can’t be delegated.

The liver is also the only organ that can lose up to 75 percent of its mass and still regrow back to full size!

While most people are aware that over-use of alcohol can cause damage to the liver, this is far from the only way the liver sustains damage. When the liver becomes damaged or compromised, it can’t do its job of detoxing the body as well.

When this occurs, the liver needs help. These simple ways to detox your liver can help your liver get back on its feet, so to speak, so it can do its job to keep you healthy.

Remember, if you are under a doctor’s care for the management of any health issues or are taking any required medications, always talk with your doctor before changing your daily diet or health routine.

  • Drink more water.
  • Simple liver detox remedies can often seem, well, simplistic. But here, the simple truth is that water helps the liver move toxins through its own cellular systems and speed them on their way out of your body.

    A good general rule of thumb is to aim for 4 liters of water per day. Stay away from carbonated water or water in plastic beverage containers.

  • Sweat, sweat, sweat.
    • 4.99/5

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    Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Kidneys

  • 8 Easy Ways to Cleanse Your Kidneys
  • The kidneys are amazing little organs. Each day, they process about 200 quarts of blood, getting rid of excess water and waste products, removing toxins and keeping the body functioning smoothly. If the kidneys are not able to remove toxins and waste from the body, they will build up in the body and hinder the normal function of kidneys, liver and other organs, resulting in exhaustion, stomach pain, headaches, water retention and other problems. Buildup of toxins and waste also may lead to kidney stones, a mass of crystals or unprocessed minerals which can grow to the size of a golf ball. Kidney stones affect 10-15 percent of American adults, but also may be found in children as young as five.

    Kidney stones causes and symptoms

    There are many causes of kidney stones, such as dehydration, excessively acidic urine, urinary tract infections, buildup of waste and toxins in the kidneys, among others. The symptoms of kidney stones include excessive lower back, abdominal or urinary tract pain which may be sharp, mild or excruciating, severe vomiting or feeling nauseated, persistent urge to pass urine, and constant chills or sweating. While the symptoms vary depending on the size of the stones, unceasing pain and discomfort on the sides is a good reason to see a urologist. Kidney stones are easily curable if diagnosed early.

    Why you should cleanse your kidneys

    Below are 8 easy ways to cleanse your kidneys

    Helping The Body Detoxify Itself

    Top 10 Super Herbs to Cleanse Your Kidneys

    TCM points out that it is possible for the bodys natural detoxification channels to weaken. Sometimes the natural detoxification process has to be strengthened. TCM believes that the best way to detoxify the body is through

    • Sweating. You can foster perspiration by exercising
    • Warming. You can warm the body with a heating pad or hot water bottle. This relieves the spleen and stomach.
    • Heat clearing, clearing and sedating pathogenic heat for various kinds of deep and hot symptoms. This is part of the process of killing germs or either consuming soups or teas.
    • Regulating elimination to reduce indigestion, bloating, dry mouth and throat.
    • Harmonization techniques including maximizing Qi energy by avoiding information overload and avoiding sources of radiation.

    TCM doctors warn that taking over-the-counter products to detoxify the body could cause ingestion of substances that could do more harm than good. Detoxification is about resting, cleansing, and nourishing the body inside and out. Making sure the detoxification systems of your body are working to remove toxins and then feeding your body with healthy nutrients can protect you from diseases and renew the bodys ability to maintain good health. A TCM detoxification program may include:

    • Fasting to rest the organs.
    • Stimulating the liver to take toxins out of the body.
    • Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and skin.
    • Improving the circulation of the blood.
    • Refuelling the body with healthy nutrients.

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    Beet Apple + Ginger Cooler

    Detoxifying ingredients:

    • Beet: This root vegetable is rich in phytonutrients that have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The nutrient betaine found in beets promotes the flow of bile for better digestion. Beets are also wonderfully detoxifying and blood purifying.
    • Ginger: Ginger helps to stimulate better digestion and may help protect the liver from oxidative damage.
    • Apple: High in pectin, apples hold the chemical constituents necessary for the body to cleanse and release toxins from the digestive tract. This, in turn, makes it easier for the liver to handle the toxic load during the cleansing process.

    Heres what youll need:

    • ½ cup beetroot juice
    • ½ cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
    • ½ tbsp stevia
    • 1 serving protein powder 25 grams of protein
    • ½ cup ice

    How to make your detox drink:

    Simply add all of the ingredients into your blender starting with the liquids first and blend for 40-60 seconds. You may add more liquid to reach a thinner consistency or add more ice to thicken the drink recipe.

    How To Detox Your Kidneys And Bladder Top 20 Natural Remedies

    The kidney plays an important role in our body. So, we need to take care of them and the medical checkup is most important to ensure that they are properly functioning in our body or not. Because of the kidney does not give any malfunction sign & symptoms in the starting stage of person, unfortunately, people get know about it until it did not reach toward the very last stage. According to the experts, early diagnoses of the kidney patent through the symptom that is quite not possible comparatively to the other diseases. Once the patent reaching toward its final stage people become start to remain alert about their health. But, it is too late for this. You will get here proper solution in this perspective. How to Detox your Kidneys and Bladder? Top 20 Natural Remedies.

    Also, the urinary bladder is so well connected with the pathway of kidneys. Once the filtration process is completed inside the kidney, then waste fluid is starting to accumulate in your urinary bladder. Our Bladder health also plays an important role in the human body like a kidney. Some people have such tendency they unable to control their urine. Mostly it happens in while sleep and somehow, affected peoples are simply losses day by day an average urine storage capacity of the urinary bladder.

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    How To Detox Or Cleanse The Kidneys And Liver

    Your liver and kidneys are vital organs that help process and filter out food, medications, alcohol and other substances that enter your body. What you take into your body can pollute your liver and kidneys, make it hard for them to function properly. This can lead to innumerable kinds of complications, including renal failure, kidney stones, liver cirrhosis and hepatitis. Detoxification techniques utilizing household items are available. Exercising and eating the right kinds of foods are key to effectively detoxifying your liver and kidneys.

    Drink half a cup of water with 4 to 6 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar daily before eating your meals. The acidity of apple cider vinegar helps detoxify the liver while helping it break down fats. Apple cider vinegar also helps prevent kidney stones from forming.

    Drink one to two cups of pure cranberry juice not from concentrate every day. Tannin is the active ingredient in cranberries and works by helping your liver remove cholesterol out of your blood while flushing out bacteria and toxins from your kidneys. You can purchase pure cranberry juice at any big-chain health food store.

    Add one serving of artichokes to your daily diet. Artichokes contain cynarin and chlorogenic acid that help protect and strengthen the liver while helping the kidneys filter out toxins from the blood and excrete them in urine.


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    Take Control Of Your Diet By Removing Processed Foods And Adding Fresh Foods

    Food Good for Kidney And Liver – How to Cleanse Your Liver And Kidneys Naturally

    The best thing you can do for your health by far is to simply start removing foods from your diet. If you have a terrible diet, then your cupboard and fridge might well be empty by the end of it. But thats okay! out with the old, in with you new, as they say!

    When you consume processed foods that have been altered either chemically or by extreme heat, this can make it harder for the body to process and break down. Processed foods high in sugar, trans fats and additives can be very bad for your liver health. Get rid of them and your body will love you for it.

    Next, you need to start shopping more in the fresh food section of the store. For the most part, you cant go wrong with fresh fruits and vegetables, these should be the staple of your diet.

    Eating whole plant-based foods will put less stress on your liver and help lower inflammation, reduce cholesterol and even increase the ability of the liver to process substances and remove them.

    Include cruciferous vegetables in your diet as they are able to induce activation of important liver enzymes and help induce phase 2 detoxification enzymes which help remove harmful substances from the body.

    If youre missing out on some comfort snacks, why not try out some dried fruit, nuts, and seeds? Almonds, raisins and dark chocolate is a nice little snack.

    Include some of these foods in your diet which is known to help protect and boost liver function.

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    Do Liver Cleanses Protect You From Liver Disease

    Your overall health and your genes affect your liver. So do your diet, lifestyle, and environment. Liver detox programs donât treat damage or prevent disease.

    Ways to prevent liver disease

    Lifestyle changes can help keep your liver healthy without detox programs. These steps can be especially important if youâre at higher risk of liver disease because of something like heavy alcohol use or a family history of liver disease.

    • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.
    • Eat a well-balanced diet every day. Thatâs five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables, along with fiber from vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Be sure to include protein for the enzymes that help your body detox naturally.
    • Keep a healthy weight.
    • Exercise every day if you can. Check with your doctor first if you havenât been active.
    • Cut down on risky behavior that can lead to viral hepatitis:
    • Avoid recreational drugs. If you do use them, donât share needles or straws to inject or snort them.
    • Donât share razors, toothbrushes, or other household items.
    • Get tattoos only from a sterile shop.
    • Donât have unprotected sex with people you donât know.

    Start Your Day With A Glass Of Lemon Juice And Baking Soda

    This natural remedy will help improve your bodys pH balance, promoting better pancreatic and kidney health and revitalize your liver. Just the simple habit of drinking this mixture on an empty stomach will do wonders for your body.

    It improves kidney function, helping your body detox itself, and prevents problems like the accumulation of fat in the liver. It also improves overall digestion.


    • 1 cup of water
    • 1 tablespoon of baking soda

    How should you consume it?

    Its as simple as dissolving the baking soda in a cup of water and then adding the lemon juice. Stir it well and sip it slowly. You can drink this for up to four days straight, then take a break for a week before repeating.

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    Best Foods For Kidney Health Detox And Cleansing

    1. Red Peppers

    These peppers are low in potassium which can be hard on those who have kidney disease. They also contain a good amount of vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, and fiber. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and plays roles throughout the body in energy production, blood flow, and metabolism.

    Folate and B6 contribute to the formation of red blood cells. Red bell peppers also contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that keeps kidneys healthy and prevents renal failure.

    2. Cabbage

    Cabbage is rich in fiber, folate, B6, vitamin C, and vitamin K. The fiber in cabbage and other leafy greens slow the absorption of nutrients. This gives the liver and kidneys time to deal with the influx into the bloodstream. Fiber keeps blood sugar from spiking, one of the biggest reasons for kidney damage, and it also helps pull toxins from the digestive tract.

    Vitamin K is important in healthy blood clotting. Cabbage also contains many phytonutrients that act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

    3. Cauliflower and Broccoli

    These florets are rich in vitamin C and folate. Cauliflower is full of fiber and rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. Cruciferous vegetables are very good for you when kidneys are healthy or only sluggish. They should be avoided if your kidneys are really struggling or you have gout.

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    4. Leafy Greens

    5. Garlic

    6. Asparagus

    7. Apples

    8. Berries

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    9. Olive Oil

    10. Melons

    11. Ginger

    Self Filtration And Toxin Removal

    Detoxifying Liver And Kidneys : Best Foods, Recipes, Remedies

    The colon contains bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals. The colon has to keep moving regularly since its main role is to flush out toxic chemicals before they can do any harm.

    The kidneys are constantly filtering the blood to clear toxins in the urine.

    The liver is related to Spring. The Springtime is the best time to enhance the functioning of the liver. TCM rebalances the liver using certain foods and herbs that Chinese doctors found to resonate with the livers energy.

    TCM practitioners might prescribe good food and herbs to help with liver detox such as:

    Secondly, the warm essence of

    • Garlic.

    And the sour taste of

    • Vinegar-based foods.

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    The 8 Super Foods That Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

    Did you know that the liver is responsible for over 500 functions in the body?

    As the biggest gland in the body, the liver does many vital jobs to keep you alive and at peak health. Most notable among those 500 jobs are: storing vitamins and iron, converting stored sugar to usable sugar when the bodys sugar levels fall below normal, destroying old red blood cells, and producing bile to break down and digest fats.

    Those 500 jobs take energy, so your liver cells are packed with mitochondria.

    Mitochondria are like tiny power plants providing energy to our cells. When our mitochondria start to decline with age or illness, our livers can sometimes bear the brunt of this. There are as many as 2000 mitochondria in every liver cell and, without them running at 100%, our livers arent able to effectively detoxify our blood or properly metabolize the food we eat.

    Luckily, those functions can be supported by choosing the right diet and supplementing it with MitoQ Liver, a formulation containing MitoQ, Siliphos® Milk Thistle, Selenium, and Vitacholine®. MitoQ recharges our mitochondria with targeted CoQ10 antioxidants, which help to neutralize free radicals and reduce the damage they can do to our cells.

    The liver helps to detoxify the blood to get rid of harmful substances and thats where the right superfoods can help.

    Incorporating a selection of superfoods to your diet, you can naturally cleanse and protect this hard-working organ.


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