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Is Cranberry Juice Good For Kidney Infection

Life Stress Meant My Utis Were Here To Stay

Cranberry Juice and Kidneys | Your Kidneys Your Health | @qasimbuttmd

So I was on my own looking after my two kids and trying to settle into a new apartment at the same time as trying to establish myself as a self-employed designer.

I was coping fine until I started to develop an irritable bladder, which Id never had before. I couldnt even hold on until I got home after picking my kids up from school because I needed the toilet so badly.

When I told my mum she said she also experienced that when she was younger, during a very stressful period of her life. So I didnt worry much about it and tried to talk myself out of it as I normally did.

When Christmas arrived and the cold really hit Berlin I got a UTI once again. Like the time before, I put it down to being cold, and honeymoon cystitis.

After herbal pills such as Cystinol and Angocin failed to work, my doctor advised me to take Monurol, a single dose antibiotic. However, I decided not to take it. I was worried about the side effects.

Due to the ongoing stress, my stomach had also started to play up. I was constantly constipated and suffered from anxiety attacks. My stomach lining was not in good shape I knew I would make it worse by taking the antibiotics.

I figured the reason why my natural healing methods and cranberry juice therapy werent working was because my immune system was so run down.

So my theory was that if I fixed my stomach problems first, Id be able to better battle my UTI.

When To Seek Medical Attention

Kidney infections are severe conditions that require immediate medical attention. This condition cause long-term kidney damage if left untreated.

Sometimes severe kidney infection causes sepsis, that eventually leads to shock. Thats why kidney infection cannot be allowed to progress further.

Although these natural remedies can help soothe most of the symptoms of kidney infections, youre highly recommended to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Do Not Smoke Or Drink Too Much Alcohol

Try to stop smoking completely and limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

Both men and women are advised not to drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week on a regular basis.

Drinking too much alcohol and smoking both raise your blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the most common causes of kidney disease.

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Home Remedies That May Help With Kidney Stones

After discussing Does cranberry juice help kidney stones? lets discuss other home remedies for kidney stones.

1. Water

When you are passing a kidney stone, you should increase your intake of water as it helps in speeding up the process. Aim to drink 12 glasses of water daily. After the stone has passed, continue drinking 12 glasses every day. Dehydration is among the most important risk factors of kidney stones. You should keep a check on your urine color. It must be pale yellow or very light in color. Dark yellow colored urine shows dehydration.

2. Lemon Juice

You may add fresh lemon juice to the water you drink. Lemon juice is rich in citrate, a chemical, which prevents the formation of calcium stones. Citrate also helps in breaking off small stones and making their passage easy. There are other benefits of lemon juice. For instance, it inhibits the growth of bacteria.

3. Basil Juice

Basil has acetic acid that helps in breaking off kidney stones and reducing pain. It also reduces levels of uric acid thereby, lowering the risk of uric acid stones. Use dried or fresh leaves of basil to prepare basil tea and drink it several times a day. You can also make juice of basil leaves or add them to smoothie.

Basil juice should not be used for greater than 6 weeks at a stretch as it may result in:

  • Low levels of blood sugar
  • Increased bleeding

How Can You Improve Your Kidney Health

10 Best Home Remedies for Kidney Infection

Lifestyle habits that benefit your overall health, like staying hydrated and exercising regularly, can be vastly beneficial to your kidney health.

Similarly, you shouldnt smoke, and you should go see your doctor for regular checkups to monitor your blood pressure. If youre at risk for kidney infections, you should have your kidneys tested and monitored.

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Can Drinking Cranberry Juice Cure A Urinary Tract Infection

Drinking cranberry juice is good for your body. Cranberry juice is a great beverage, with important antioxidants that help reduce your risk of heart disease. Antioxidants also strengthen your immune system, allowing your body to fight off infections. However, according to the Urology Clinic at UAMS, cranberry juice cannot cure a urinary tract infection on its own.

The myth about cranberry juice may have started because the juice helps alleviate some of the discomfort and pain of a urinary tract infection. In addition, studies have shown drinking cranberry juice can help reduce your risk of getting a UTI. However, if you have an infection, your doctor will need to prescribe antibiotics to clear up the condition. Drinking cranberry juice, as well as other liquids, while you have an infection will help flush the bacteria from your system and speed healing.

To learn more about the personalized care provided by our doctors using state-of-the art diagnostic and treatment techniques, please visit our Medical Services section.

Selection And Serving Recommendations

Pure cranberry juice is extremely tart. Many commercial cranberry drinks dilute the amount of actual cranberry juice and replace it with sweeter juices, such as apple or grape. While a cranberry juice cocktail must offer 25 percent cranberry juice, other juices that feature cranberries on the label are made of juice, but only contain a small amount of cranberry juice. Consider making your own juice cocktail. Mix pure cranberry juice with orange or grapefruit juice. Or blend it with strawberries and crushed ice. Another idea is to combine unsweetened cranberry juice in equal parts with your favorite fruit juice and sparkling mineral water for an enjoyable spritzer. At least 8-ozs. of slightly diluted cranberry juice is enough to offer substantial health benefits.

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Can I Drink Cranberry Juice & Diet Cranberry Juice With Kidney Disease Dont Be Fooled By Labels

Youre likely to be restricted from certain foods if youre someone dealing with kidney disease. Following a correct renal diet is important for kidney health. People with kidney disease need to monitor intakes of potassium, sodium, and phosphorus especially. You may also need to control several important nutrients. The following information will give you a better knowledge of drinks that you should include in your renal diet.

Carbonated & energy drinks have been associated to form kidney stones. Each year in the U.S., kidney stones causes more than 300,000 people to seek diagnosis and relief in an emergency room. Dark soda is your worst enemy when it comes to the drinks you should avoid.

Eating cranberries can also protect your kidneys. Cranberries prevent the development and growth of ulcers and bacteria in your urinary tract and can help monitor current bacteria/ulcers because they make the urine more acidic and help keep bacteria from attaching to the inside of the bladder.

However, when shopping for cranberry juice, you may have to be more careful since the potassium content varies depending on which product or brand you choose. There are some with 50mg potassium content and some tend to have around 200mg. And for people dealing with kidney disease, you really want to stay away from high levels of potassium.

Diet juices may have less sugar and lower potassium levels. However, they add artificial sweeteners to it, which is not the best for your body.

Mechanistic Studies: Urine Acidification

Cranberry juice for kidneys | by Dr. Mundi

Native Americans were the first to use cranberries for their medicinal properties . Cranberries were used for a variety of complaints, including blood disorders, stomach ailments, liver problems, and fever. During the 1880s, German physicians observed that urinary excretion of hippuric acid increased after ingestion of cranberries. In 1914, Blatherwick published an article showing that cranberries are rich in benzoic acid, which is then excreted in urine as hippuric acid. Therein followed a long period during which the usefulness of cranberry juice was thought to be based on the urinary excretion of hippuric acid, which is a bacteriostatic agent and has the potential to acidify urine . In 1923, Blatherwick and Long reported a reduction in urine pH level with a concomitant increase in excretion of hippuric acid after subjects ate 350 g of cooked cranberries . In 1933, Fellers et al. published results for 6 men who ingested 100300 g of cranberries daily. They, too, showed an increase in acidity and excretion of organic acids in urine. However, these authors concluded that an ordinary serving of 2254 g of cranberries produced only a very slight increase in urine acidity .

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When To See A Doctor About Your Uti

Some UTIs will go away by themselves if you drink enough water and rest, but a lot of them tend to stick around for longer.

Theyre certainly not fun, and you definitely dont want to end up with a kidney infection on your hands, so you should see your GP when:

  • You develop signs of a kidney infection
  • Your symptoms are severe
  • Your symptoms are getting worse
  • You experience frequent UTIs
  • Your symptoms havent started to improve after a few days

Your GP can get a urine sample from you and get it tested so other possible causes can be ruled out.

If you do have an infection, your doctor can then prescribe a dose of antibiotics to treat it.

Reduces Risk And Severity Of Diabetes

The fruit and vegetable intake of people with type 2 diabetes is typically low. This is probably because of its perceived adverse effect on glycemic control. Low-calorie cranberry juice can be a healthy way of increasing fruit intake in such cases .

In a study conducted on 58 males with type 2 diabetes, half of them were given a cup of cranberry juice per day, while the rest were served placebo. After 12 weeks, there was a significant decrease in serum glucose in the experiment group .

Elevated levels of LDL are commonly seen in people with diabetes. The oxidation of LDL worsens diabetes. Thus, ultimately, cranberry juice can bring down the severity of diabetes. While at it, this drink can also reduce the risk of metabolic disorders

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What Is The Healthiest Cranberry Juice

Lakewood PURE Cranberry Juice. Only Natural Organic Cranberry Concentrate. Dynamic Health Pure Cranberry. Life Tree Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened Cranberry. KNUDSEN JUICE JUST CRANBRY ORG. Wisconsin Bog Craft Cranberry Juice. Tropicana Cranberry Cocktail Juice. AZO® Cranberry Urinary Tract Health Dietary Supplement.

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Effects Of Cranberry Supplementation On Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Kidney Bladder Yeast Infections
The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : May 7, 2020Last Update Posted : January 5, 2022
Condition or disease

Ways To Relieve Kidney Pain At Home | Urology Specialists

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Uti Prevention Tips You Might Try Instead

In summary, if you currently have a UTI, skip the cranberry altogether and schedule an appointment with your doctor instead. A mild UTI may resolve on its own, but antibiotics are sometimes needed to treat them.

And as mentioned, if you get UTIs frequently and are looking for ways to prevent your next one, unsweetened cranberry juice may help. But it might also not.

Here are five other ways to help reduce your risk of getting a UTI:

Drinks That Help To Clean The Kidneys

The Kidneys are two bean-shaped small organs located just below the ribcage one on each side of the spine. They are of the size of a fist but play a vital role in your body. Kidneys filter the blood in our body, remove waste and extra fluid and transform the waste into urine. They are part of the urinary tract. In this post, the planet today will tell you about 10 instant drinks that can help your kidneys stay healthier and active.

A healthy kidney filter half cup of your blood every single minute. They also remove acid produced by the cells of your body, maintain a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals in the body. Without a healthy balance, the nerves, muscles and other tissues of the body may not work properly. A healthy kidney also helps to control blood pressure, make red blood cells in the body and also maintain a healthy body with strong and healthy bones and muscles.

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When To Seek Immediate Medical Attention

UTIs are uncomfortable, but theyre not an immediate medical emergency. Some people make the mistake of assuming the same is true with a kidney infection.

Kidney infections are serious conditions that do require medical attention. Untreated, a kidney infection can quickly cause long-term kidney damage or kidney scarring. These infections can also cause sepsis, which can lead to .

Because of this, a kidney infection can be fatal if it progresses. Its important to have it treated immediately by a healthcare professional.

Note that kidney stones, if left untreated, can also cause a blockage that can lead to infection and sepsis. This may require a procedure done with intravenous antibiotics by a urologist.

When To Have A Cranberry Product

Facts About Cranberry Juice to Treat UTI

Developing a UTI is entirely normal, says Dr. Badani. Its possible to get a one-time infection and never get another again, he says.

It doesnt mean that somethings wrong with your body. Women are more likely to have recurrent UTIs because their urethra is shorter than a mans, giving bacteria easier access to the bladder, he says. And some people may have more bacteria, and thus are more likely to get an infection.

If you have no UTI issues, theres no reason to go on cranberry, says Dr. Lutz. It wont make a healthy urinary tract healthier. But if youre already suffering from recurrent infections, cranberry might be a good holistic approach to make a rough situation better.

When it comes to your kidneys specifically, the ideal patient to put on preventative cranberry is someone who has had a kidney infection already, says Dr. Badani.

Even if we dont have concrete evidence, this is the person Id want to put on a prophylactic cranberry to help prevent a future infection, he says.

Does Cranberry Juice Help a UTI?

Should You Take Cranberry Pills for UTI?

Symptoms of a UTI Everyone Should Know

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Cranberry Juice And Urinary Tract Infection

While cranberry juice wont cure kidney disease, it has been found to prevent urinary tract infections, or UTIs. People have long thought that drinking cranberry juice would cure UTIs by changing the acidity of your urine. While research has debunked this notion, recent studies do indicate that a specific phytonutrient found only in cranberry juice keeps certain bacteria from sticking to the wall of your bladder or urinary tract tubes, thus preventing an infection. Cranberry juice does not, unfortunately, loosen bacteria that have already adhered to these surfaces, so the bacteria grow, and the resulting infection causes a burning sensation when you urinate. When this happens, you need to consult your doctor. The usual treatment is an antibiotic.

What Does A Kidney Infection Feel Like

Generally speaking, the symptoms of a kidney infection tend to come on over a period of several hours to a day. The symptoms may include:

  • Pain. This is often a dull, aching type of pain that most commonly affects the back, side, or abdomen.
  • Urine changes. If you have a kidney infection, you may notice that your urine is cloudy, smells bad, or contains blood.
  • Urgent, painful urination. A UTI can irritate the lining of your urinary tract. As a result, you may feel the urgent need to urinate and experience a painful, burning sensation when you do so.
  • Fever. People with a kidney infection typically develop a fever, which can often be high. A raised temperature is one of your bodys ways of trying to fight the infection.
  • Chills.Chills are a feeling of being cold without any apparent cause. For example, you could be wrapped up under a blanket and still shiver or feel very cold. In extreme cases, chills may lead to episodes of strong, uncontrollable shaking, which are known as rigors.
  • Nausea or vomiting. The infection may cause you to feel nauseated or to vomit.

Its important to note that you may not have all of the above symptoms with a kidney infection. If you develop concerning symptoms that may point to a kidney infection, seek prompt medical care.

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/6are Cranberries Good For Fatty Liver

Used for adding a twist of sweet and citrusy flavour to your desserts, salads or beverages, cranberries are absolutely versatile when it comes to playing with taste and texture in terms of culinary experiments, but did you know that these little berries were great for your liver health too?

With an increase in health consciousness, there has been an inclination towards healthy eating and this has paved the way for health enriching foods like cranberries. Interestingly, cranberries are known for their medicinal properties such as healing urinary tract infections and purification of blood

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