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How To Measure For A Kidney Lazy Susan

How To Make A Diy Lazy Susan

How to Choose and Measure for a Lazy Susan. 100% EASY!

Basically what youre going to do is measure your cupboard to see how big a Lazy Susan you can fit into it, cut that sized circle out of a piece of MDF, prime it, paint it and attach the Lazy Susan bearing onto the bottom. Easy, right?

Here it is in pictures

From a 2×4 sheet of MDF youll be able to get two large Lazy Susans. These are 22 across, so basically huge.

When you measure their size dont forget to allow for some play inside the cupboard. In other words make the Lazy Susan a little smaller than the actual size of the cupboard interior.

Once your circles are drawn on the MDF just cut them out with a jigsaw. My jigsaw brand of choice is the Bosch and it should be yours too. I went through a LOT of jigsaws before I bought a Bosch and the difference between a crap jigsaw and a Bosch jigsaw is unbelievable. Its steadier, more stable, less wiggly and it turns with precision.

Once your circles are cut, prime and paint what will be the top of your lazy susan. You can leave the bottom unfinished.

All thats left is attaching the hardware.

So you need to mark the point of the access hole with a pencil and then drill a hole through it thats large enough for the head of your screwdriver to fit through.

Lay your lazy susan onto the shelf you want to attach it to .

Spin it around until your screwdriver access hole is directly over a screw hole on the lazy susan plate like you can see below.

Youre done. Thats it.

Best For Tables: Lipper 18

The appearance of your lazy Susan doesnt really matter if youre using it in a cabinet or the fridge, but if its going to be on your kitchen table, you probably want it to be a little more aesthetically pleasing. For an attractive lazy susan that delivers big on functionality, your best bet may be the chic Lipper International 18-Inch Acacia Wood Lazy Susan.

This high-quality wooden lazy Susan will look right at home on any kitchen table. Its 18 in diameter and 1.25 tall, and the sturdy acacia wood construction is resistant to scratches. The turntable is designed to spin 360º in either direction, and its perfect for making spices, condiments or small dishes readily accessible.

The Lipper International Acacia Wood Lazy Susan is hand-wash only and reviewers say it is versatile and beautiful. Many use the turntable for their fruit bowls and condiments, writing that its a lovely addition to any dining room table.

What Is The Difference Between Kidney

Lazy Susans for your corner cabinets come in several shapes and sizes. The most confusing of the shapes are the Kidney Shaped and Pie Cut Lazy Susans.

Kidney Shaped and Pie Cut Lazy Susans appear to be identical in shape but they are not. There are subtle differences between them and differences in how they are used.

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What Is The History Behind The Lazy Susan

Thomas Jefferson invented the lazy susan in the late 1800s. It was known as a dumbwaiter at that time. History books tell us that he developed it because his daughter, Susan, was tired of always being served last. She complained that she would never leave the table feeling full!

Eventually, around 1917, they were advertised in Vanity Fair and became very popular. They even replaced the need to have food servers, in some cases, letting people serve themselves. This then overflowed and boomed as a necessity, in which now billions of people around the world have lazy susans in their homes around the world.

How Do You Measure For A Lazy Susan Pie Cut

Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions

Pie cut lazy SusansMeasuringmeasure

. Also to know is, how do you measure for a lazy Susan?

When deciding what size lazy susan you need for your cabinet, you need to measure the inside depth of the cabinet from the back wall to just inside the door frame. Then, measure the inside width of the cabinet from left to right.

Beside above, how much space do I need for a lazy Susan? Measure for the diameter of the Lazy Susan.You’ll want to ensure the Lazy Susan has about 2 inches of clearance all the way around, so that it can spin more effectively. As such, choose a Lazy Susan with a diameter about 2 inches shorter than your cabinet on each side.

Also, how do you measure for a lazy Susan Replacement Shelf?

Measure the inside width of the cabinet from one side to the other. Subtract 2 to 4 inches from the smaller of these two measurements for clearance around the shelf. The result is the diameter of the largest lazy Susan that will fit inside your cabinet.

Are Lazy Susans still popular?

The Lazy Susan is still a very popular option for clients of today. Today’s designs are much more functional and attractive and come in plastic or laminated hardwood. We always recommend stopping by a kitchen and bathroom showroom and look at the new versions of Lazy Susan’s, as you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Measurement For A Kidney

In many cases, kidney-shaped lazy Susans are designed to fit in corner cabinets with unattached double folding doors. Also, its shelves should be free to rotate freely. However, if you want your kidney-shaped Lazy Susan to fit perfectly in the cabinet, the measurement from the back wall to the corner insert should be determined. Also, the widest sides should be measured from right to left. Similarly, it is essential for you to measure the cabinet height so that you can determine the height of your kidney Lazy Susan.

How To Measure Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan products are types of rotating platforms that are used for different organization purposes. For instance, some are meant to get used in the kitchen cabinets, mostly at the corners. Consequently, there are several models of lazy Susan items used in different cabinet styles. Therefore, for them to fit in the cabinets effectively, they need to be of different sizes depending on the cabinet they are to get fitted in. Subsequently, if you are looking for a lazy Susan for your cabinet, check different ways of measuring lazy Susan on this article.

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Help Any Ideas On How To Line Lazy Susan Shelves

Last night, I got so frustrated trying to line my lazy susan shelves that I now wish I had gotten plastic ones instead of wood. All liners are rectangular, and it is hard to cut to fit the round shelves. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The kitchen is finally done and I am in the process of moving things back in, but am stuck for a solution to this problem.Thanks,

  • Trim the outside and inside circles using the scored line as a guide. Place this pattern on the lazy susan to check the fit and note any adjustments that need to made.

  • Make a second pattern using your first pattern as a guide. This step is very important because your first pattern is likely to be wrinkled and in not very good shape. Put the second pattern in place and note any additional adjustments.

  • Repeat until your pattern fits perfectly.

  • Tape your perfected pattern to the back side of the liner, trace the inner and outer circles. Using a straight edge, draw a line between the two circles.

  • Cut the outer circle, inner circle, and line neatly. Lay this on your lazy susan and admire your perfect job. The second shelf should be the same as the first, but verify the size with your pattern before you cut it out.

  • I know my explanation may seem complicated, but it really is not that hard to do.

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    Lazy Susan Size Guide

    Measure Lazy Susan corners

    I Lazy Susan offers a size guide to help you determine the shape and dimensions needed for cabinet lazy Susans. The four types included are half-round, full-round, kidney-shaped and D-shaped lazy Susans. Half-round lazy Susans are mounted right onto cabinet doors and have pivots that provide access to the cabinets blind corner. It needs to have room to rotate. The cabinet opening should not be smaller than the lazy Susans width, and the opening should not be shorter than the lazy Susans front-to-back dimension.

    Full-round lazy Susans work in square and rectangular cabinets. Measure the distance between the opposite walls with a tape measure. Then, make sure that the lazy Susan is about 2 inches shorter than the cabinets interior length. Kidney-shaped Susans fit into corner cabinets that have unattached double folding doors. For these models, measure the back wall to the corner insert and the widest side from right to left. Also, be sure to measure your cabinet height.

    D-shaped lazy Susans are often placed in standard or 45-degree angled door cabinets. For these, start by measuring the cabinets minimum width. Next, measure the length inside the face frame. Subtract a couple of inches from each side, as this will help the lazy Susan spin without hitting anything. Again, always measure your cabinets interior height before shopping for a lazy Susan.

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    How To Measure The Size For A Cabinet Lazy Susan

    Related Articles

    Lazy Susan products are ingenious inventions, and if you see a lazy Susan for sale, you may be considering purchasing it. There are many models for various purposes, but if you want one that will fit inside a particular cabinet, you will need to do some measuring to ensure a proper fit, turn and spin.

    Improves Access To Blind Corners

    Blind corner cabinets are usually huge and often not user-friendly. It’s almost impossible to get anything in or out of them, not to mention to try to organize whats inside.

    That is, until you get a lazy Susan.

    The lazy Susans spinning mechanism allows you to access everything stored deep inside the cabinet without hassle. That way, you won’t have any trouble grabbing what you need.

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    Tips For Cleaning A Lazy Susan Cabinet

    • Use a soft cloth and a mild cleaning agent, such as dish soap, for the shelves.
    • Vacuum inside to remove dirt in the corners and under the turntables.
    • Avoid harsh detergents like ammonia and bleach that can damage the shelf.
    • Avoid using too much water, as that can damage the mechanical system and wood.
    • Use plastic spatulas if you have to scrape off debris so that you wont scratch the surfaces.

    Tools For Installing A Lazy Susan

    Lazy Susan Set with 2 trays by Hafele â Advance Design ...

    You will need a couple of hand tools for installing your lazy susan. You will also need a lazy susan kit or pieces.

    List of tools to install a lazy susan:

    • Pencil
    • Screw gun

    You will use these tools to mark measurements and tighten the screws. Your kit should come with all of the pieces for putting the lazy susan together.

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    About Lazy Susan Cabinets

    I Lazy Susan describes them as rotating platforms used to organize things like spices, oils or baking supplies. Portable ones sit on tabletops or inside cabinets, and there also stationary types built inside cabinets.

    Nelson Cabinetry explains that lazy Susan cabinets were invented to solve a kitchen cabinetry problem. Traditional modular cabinets create a blind corner cabinet between the kitchen base and wall cabinets. It is hard to reach all the way into these cabinets or see what is in the back.

    Cabinet lazy Susans have rotating discs, so the items you place on the apparatus are much easier to access as the Susan turns. There is more than one kind of cabinet lazy Susan, and they are made in various shapes to do their jobs. When you are ready to install or replace one, you need to get out the tape measure and get to work determining the dimensions of your cabinets.

    What Size Lazy Susan Hardware Do I Need

    4.5/5Lazy Susanrequiredimensions

    Regarding this, what size Lazy Susan do I need?

    Lazy susans are sold in diameters of even numbers, so a 36 or 39-inch corner cabinet will typically use a 32-inch lazy susan, while a 33-inch corner cabinet would use a 28-inch susan.

    Secondly, are Lazy Susans still popular? The Lazy Susan is still a very popular option for clients of today. Today’s designs are much more functional and attractive and come in plastic or laminated hardwood. We always recommend stopping by a kitchen and bathroom showroom and look at the new versions of Lazy Susan’s, as you might be pleasantly surprised.

    People also ask, how do you attach a Lazy Susan turntable bearing?

    Place a screw through one of the countersunk holes in the top piece with the Lazy Susan hardware on the bottom the frame with two holes in each corner will face to the underside of the top. Drive the screw through the top into one of the smaller holes in the frame.

    How much space is needed for a lazy Susan cabinet?

    Wall space from corner: 33or 36Cabinet opening width: 10 3/8 or 14Cabinet depth: 24Cabinet height: 34 1/2

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    What Is A Lazy Susan Cabinet

    It’s essential to have the right storage fittings in your home. Not only will it make your space more organized, but it will also make your life easier. And that’s why you should consider adding lazy Susan cabinets to your home fittings.

    Whether you have a new home or are looking to redo your storage spaces, heres why lazy Susans are the perfect option for you.

    The lazy Susan concept entails racks or shelves on a rotating base. The spinning shelves system works inside a cabinet, on a table, or on a countertop. The rotation mechanism uses bearings that make the shelf rotate, usually 360 degrees, similar to a turntable.

    Its anchored by mounts or posts that hold it in a fixed position while it turns, and this unique rotation mechanism allows you to access anything from inside the cupboard.

    You will often find lazy Susans in corner cupboards, as the turntable shelves make it easy to access everything hidden deep inside those corners.

    A Guide To The Styles & Types Of Lazy Susans

    How to install your Plastic Kidney Lazy Susan with Chrome Hubs

    Now-a-days, lazy susans have many uses in the kitchen, one of the most popular being in corner cabinets where they can help maximize access to stored items. Below, youll find valuable information on the various types and materials of lazy susans. And if youre looking to order lazy susan parts or products, be sure to check out our entire lazy susan hardware selection!

    As always, we are available by phone Monday Friday 8am to 5pm CST at to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need to make you a Hero at Home.

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    How Do You Measure For A Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

    How to Measure a Corner Cabinet for a Lazy Susan

    • Measure the height of your existing base cabinets.
    • Measure from the corner of the wall to the outside edge of the base cabinet on the right side of the corner cabinet.
    • Measure from the corner of the wall to the inside center point of the Lazy Susan door frame.
    • Select a turntable that will fit within your cabinet.

    Best For Fridge: Idesign Linus Lazy Susan Cabinet Turntable

    Trying to tidy up your refrigerator? Then you need a lazy Susan to organize all those odds and ends. With a product like the InterDesign Linus Lazy Susan Cabinet Turntable, youll be able to more easily store condiments, leftovers and snacks in your fridge, saving you the hassle of rearranging everything when you need an item from the back.

    This lazy Susan measures 14 across and 1.75 tall, but there are a few other sizes available also. The clear plastic design features a thin lip to keep items in place while still maximizing surface area, and the surface of the turntable is textured to minimize slippage. Reviewers say this product spins well, even when loaded with various items.

    Overall, the InterDesign Linus Lazy Susan gets top marks from users, many of whom say its high-quality and incredibly convenient. One person even says this turntable is an item you never knew you needed in your fridge, but that will quickly become an essential.

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    Easier To Find Things

    You might be familiar with the frustration of trying to locate one particular ingredient for your recipe and digging through loose spices and condiments just to find it.

    In most cases, you will find your elusive ingredient hidden in the innermost corner of the cabinet, by which time youre probably entirely irritated.

    A lazy Susan means you’ll never have to deal with this. The rotation mechanism will bring the items at the back of the cabinet toward the front for easy reach.

    It also allows you to organize your cabinet space without having to make a mess every time you need something.


    Can You Replace A Lazy Susan Shelf

    Pin by Cheryl Hutton on Phyllis Kitchen

    A Lazy Susan rotates around an axis, which eliminates the need to reach into the back of a cabinet when searching for an item. Eventually a Lazy Susan will wear down from the weight of heavy objects and years of use. Replacing the Lazy Susan assembly in a cabinet is not difficult with the correct tools and hardware.

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    Materials For Lazy Susans

    Your kitchen should be both attractive and highly functional. The materials and finishes you use for your cabinets should blend perfectly.

    With this in mind, there are several different Lazy Susan materials you can opt for.

    Wood, plastic, and metal are the most common options. If, however, you prefer non-traditional finishes, you can choose to use other materials like glass or marble for your turntable shelf.

    For something more contemporary, wire railings will give your storage space a great look and increase airflow. You can opt for a full wire design, or have wire trims on the wood trays.

    Source: Vauth Segal

    Another important consideration is the color of the lazy Susan. Using a color similar to the one on your kitchen cabinet helps improve your homes overall look.

    The cabinet door that your lazy Susan is behind will usually be made to match the rest of your cabinetry.


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