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How Much Is A Kidney Worth On The Black Market

Kidney Ukraine : $200000


Three doctors, who were the ringleaders of an international organ trafficking operation, were arrested after three dozen of their donors returned home from surgery in former Soviet bloc countries seeking state medical assistance and disability payments. The majority of their clients consisted of former Ukrainians who emigrated overseas, who each paid up to $200,000 for their kidneys. Proceeds from the sales were used to finance their lavish lifestyles and property investments, which amounted to over $1 million.

Where Does Organ Trafficking Happen Nowadays

Unfortunately, the reality is that organ trafficking is without exception happening all around the globe. However, there are countries where organ trading and also organ harvesting is more common than in other countries. Especially in Indonesia, China, India, South Africa, Angola, Ecuador, Georgia, Libya, Russia, and Brazil more documented cases have shown up than anywhere else.

Emergence Of The Illegal Trade In Organs In India

Immediately after the THO Act was enforced, fear of the law drove brokers out of the business and forced many hospitals to withdraw from active involvement in the trade. However, the prohibition did not cease the demand of organs. To keep up with the pace of demand, the country witnessed the emergence of an illegal market of organs. Consequently, there were reports of reactivation of the trade in some areas as soon as 1997. For example, since the late 1980s, two places in the southern part of India grew into virtual kidney farms. Kidney sales in these towns were associated with the fortunes of the power loom industry, for it is from the power loom workforce that kidney sales were prolific. Indebtedness was very high among this poorly paid workforce and they sold their kidneys to clear debt. After the enforcement of the Act, the brokers remained inactive for some time, then resumed the trade activity again, this time illegally, once they became conversant of taking advantage of the loopholes in the law . The loopholes in the THO Act, 1994 are discussed below.

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The Case For An American Kidney Market

The waiting list for organ donations in the United States is over one hundred thousand people long and growing. Due to a shortage of organ donations, twenty people die each day on the waiting list. Although hearts are hard to procure, solving the shortage of kidney donations is tractable. Even though kidney donations carry little risk for the donors, there is a huge gap between the number of kidneys needed for transplantation and the number of donations. As distasteful as it might initially seem, the United States should legalize the sale of kidneys, so long as it regulates the market well.

Of course, a kidney market needs to be well-regulated. Extensive measures should be taken to ensure that donors are aware of the risks of donation. The market price for kidneys should be public knowledge, so that donors are not duped into selling a kidney well below the market rate. The government could be an intermediary between buyers and sellers so as to further mitigate this problem. To avoid compulsive decisions by sellers, the government could enact a mandatory months-long period between deciding to give away oneâs organs and when the donation occurs, giving donors ample time to change their minds. There are many other regulations worth looking into the point is that most problems, such as those described below, are not problems with kidney markets per se, but rather with improper regulations.

Why Is There A Black Market For Organs And Body Parts

Selling Your Kidney On The Black Market? Your Lungs Are A ...

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. If the demand is big enough, then there is someone who will try to satisfy that demand. And so it is on the black market for organs. In the USA alone, there are over 113,000 people a year waiting for an organ transplant. In contrast, only 18,000 organs were donated in 2012.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, the average wait time in the U.S. for a kidney is 3.6 years. In contrast in Canada, it is estimated that the average wait time for a kidney is between four to five years with some people even waiting as long as 7 years. In the U.K. the wait times is the shortest compared to the USA and Canada with on average two to three years.

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Desperately hoping for organs to be transplanted, people are willing to spend big money on the black market to get a life-saving organ. Especially as on average, 18 people die every day while waiting for their transplant you might understand the reason for reaching out to the black market.

The most prominent organ that is traded illicitly is the human kidney, with an estimation of the World Health Organization saying that 10,000 kidneys are traded on the black market worldwide annually which equals more than one every hour.

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Do Living Organ Donors Get Paid

In contrast, living donors are prohibited by law from receiving valuable consideration in exchange for their gift. Although US donors immediate medical care is covered by the recipients insurance, donors have to pay costs of travel to the site of transplantation and get no compensation for lost wages.

Tragedy Of Teen Duped By Kingpin

He was a trusting 16-year-old who dreamed that selling a kidney would pay for him to become a pop star.

Niroz Sunar was lured by organ trafficker Prem Bajgai who promised him £1,000 enough to pay for a video and album to launch his career.

Instead the teenager received just £200 and was later struck down by a disease though lack of aftercare which left him in a wheelchair for life. He currently lives in a shack in a remote Nepalese hillside village.

Mr Sunar, 27, said: When I think about the future I want to cry. If I saw the trafficker again I would cut his kidney out with a knife.

He had left school at 13 and took a job as a labourer in Kathmandu, where he played keyboards and sang in his spare time. He was approached by Bajgai who convinced him to donate a kidney. Mr Sunar said: He promised me £1,000. All I could think of was becoming a musician. He spent a week in hospital after the transplant but got just £200 and a phone. He later fell into a coma and awoke permanently paralysed.

Mr Sunar said: To any British people thinking of getting a transplant illegally, I say Look at me is this really what you want to happen to someone?

Bajgai si lenced her, declaring: If I say shes ready, shes ready. When asked, he insisted donors would have no problem after the transplant. Six days after the operation, they can go home, he said. Ten days recuperation and the donor will be running around. After that, we no longer know them.

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What Is The Black Market Worth And How Much Of It Is

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Is Legalisation A Solution

How Much Money Are Your Organs Worth On The Black Market?

When altruism has failed to supply the adequate number of organs, time and again an argument for a legitimate, ethically acceptable market of organs is offered by a few to increase the supply of organs, avert the risk of endangering the health of millions, and limit the exploitation of donors. A possibility of a legalised market of organs has been debated for long and become more polarised. On the one hand, globally, over 200,000 individuals worldwide are on the kidney transplant waiting list . Therefore, a favoured argument towards the existence of a legalised market is that it will reduce the global demand for kidneys and organ trafficking . Several international declarations condemn organ trafficking, which is defined as:

. the recruitment, transport, transfer, harbouring or receipt of living or deceased persons or their organs by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability, or of the giving to, or the receiving by, a third party of payments or benefits to achieve the transfer of control over the potential donor, for the purpose of exploitation by the removal of organs for transplantation .

Can a legalised market of organs exist in India? To proceed with this argument, the author now discusses the results of interviews with the forty-two transplant professionals in India on the subject of legalisation, as mentioned earlier.

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In The United States There Are 123000 People In Need Of An Organ How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth Laci Is Here To Discuss Why Human Organs Are So Valuable

In theory, if you could harvest every organ and chemical in your body, you could make a cool $45M! But in reality, Medical Transcription estimates, the average price of a human dead body is more likely to fetch around $550,000 .

So how does that all break down? Well, first depends if we’re talking about selling your organs legally or via the black market. The biggest-ticket organ you can legally sell in the U.S. is your heart: They’re going for a cool $1 million. Livers come in second, worth about $557,000 and kidneys fetch about $262,000 each. Widespread diabetes and heart disease is what have made these particular organs so expensive.

On the black market, however, prices are considerably lower: maybe 10% of the above costs. In the US alone, there are currently 123,000 people waiting for organs , but only about 14,000 organs are donated per year. This means every day about 18 die waiting for a transplant. This world-wide organ shortage have caused a black market to crop up: the old “supply and demand thing”. Surely Adam Smith had no idea the economic concept he coined would one day be applied to human skin , stomach and eyeballs one day.

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Kidney Serbia 201: $123000

Europes sudden economic upheaval several years ago, a direct result of the 2007 American Great Recession, forced many within the continent to seek new sources of income. While the harvesting grounds of organ traffickers are usually limited to the poor in Brazil, China, India, and the Philippines, the heady prospect of earning several years wages in exchange for a kidney proved to be too tempting for some. The New York Times ran a story in 2012 detailing how jobless Serbians were literally selling their kidneys for $100,000.

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How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth

Basically, human life is priceless, but there are places in this world where you can give life a price tag. Depending on your body part or organ, the average price you get for your innards on the black market is about the following. When it comes to prices, its obviously better to think twice about whether you want to sell something of your body as you would not really earn that much.

Organ / Body Part

Empty Graves Stolen Body Parts


Looking at this figures, it isn’t any wonder that 1,700 families have reported that their loved ones’ bodies were stolen over the past 25 years.

All it takes is one greedy and dishonest employee at a funeral parlour to supply the black market with body parts. The parts are removed, then the body is sewn up to disguise any signs of theft.

And when you opt for a cremation, there’s a chance that only part of the ashes is real. Yikes.

See the whole infographic below:


h/t Buzzfeed

What do you think about how much are your body parts worth? Don’t worry, there are better ways to make money.

Here are some ideas:

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What Is Organ Trafficking

There are a lot of definitions for organ trafficking or also called organ trading but one of the most common definitions is from the World Health Organization. Based on their definition organ trade is commercial transplantation where there is a profit, or also transplantation that occurs outside of the national medical systems.

Especially illegal organ trade is defined as a situation that occurs when organs are removed from the body for the purpose of commercial transactions which is not the case when transplanting a body part via the national medical system.

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The amount of illegal organ trafficking is not clear as there are no official statistics about it however studies estimating that anywhere from five to 42 percent of transplanted organs are illicitly purchased. There are also no official numbers on black market turnover for illegally transplanted organs, but different studies come to an estimation of profits between $600 million and $1.2 billion per year.

China’s Black Market For Organ Donations

It is the unimaginable decision that no mother should ever have to make: choosing which of her sons might live or die.

That was the choice Lian Ronghua, 51, faced earlier this year.

Both her sons were suffering from uraemia – a condition that leads to kidney failure. But only one of them could receive their mother’s organ. Their father suffers from high blood pressure and could not donate.

In the family’s small rented apartment, Ms Lian struggles to talk about that time.

“I don’t know why both my sons are ill,” she told me, tears streaming down her face.

In the end, the decision was taken for her. Her eldest son, Li Haiqing, 26, decided his 24-year-old younger brother, Haisong, should get their mother’s transplant.

“I wanted to give my brother the kidney as he’s younger and has a better chance of recovery,” said Haiqing, who was forced to give up his medical studies because of his illness.

“Of course I hope I get a kidney before it’s too late. But if I don’t, I’ll just need to keep on doing dialysis.”

But his chances of getting a transplant are slim – China suffers from a huge organ shortage.

For years it harvested the organs of executed prisoners to help meet demand.

Following international condemnation, Beijing says it ended the practice at the start of this year – although officials admit it will be tough to ensure compliance.

Now the government says it will only rely on public donations.

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Give A Kidney Get A Check

Some people in poorer countries are compelled to sell their organs on the black market. Why not build a regulated system that compensates them fairly and ensures their safety?

When I donated a kidney a few months ago to a total stranger, I wasnt thinking about market forces. I had simply realized that I couldnt bear to have two healthy kidneys while knowing that someone out there would certainly die of renal failure. When I was wheeled out of the hospital, I began wondering what could be done, economically or socially, to make more people open to the idea of organ donation.

Its illegal to buy and sell organs in the U.S., and the inflexibility of the market can be unbearable for someone hooked up to a dialysis machine. The problem isnt low supplyin the U.S., there are millions of kidneys that could be donated without any risks beyond those of any typical surgeryso much as overwhelming, unfilled demand. Kidney disease is common, but treating it with dialysis is effective for usually a decade at most, not to mention very costly. While there were more than 17,000 kidney transplants performed in the U.S. last year, about 8,000 people became too sick to receive one or died waiting for a transplant. Another 100,000 people ticked off another year on a waiting list, on which the average stay is about six years.

This Is How Much Your Body Is Wort

How much is your body worth on the black market?
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